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ALVAO is part of the Microsoft Copilot Ecosystem

Since the beginning, we have been developing ALVAO in line with Microsoft's principles and strategies. Of course, during the past year and especially this year we have been closely following the developments at Microsoft and their products. And it was in cooperation with Microsoft experts that we worked...

Jan Prudík


3 minutes of reading

CritSit in IT Service Desk

CritSits stands for critical situations that require immediate attention to prevent serious consequences. In this article, we will explain what the term ‘CritSit’ means in terms of IT service desk, and then we’ll look into why a team gets into CritSit mode, what measures we can take to avoid it, and...

Mukesh Sharma


4 minutes of reading

What's the difference between HAM, SAM and ITAM?

IT asset management tools are becoming an increasingly important topic. There are a number of reasons for this. For one thing, without due records, you are setting up and managing processes incorrectly, which often leads to faulty planning and unnecessary expenditure. In addition to mismanagement, poor...

Adam Šima


2 minutes of reading

7 ways ITAM can help you halve your IT budget

In anticipation of tougher economic times, companies and organizations are looking for ways to save money, but also to do things better and more efficiently. Many companies are adopting IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions because these bring numerous benefits such as strengthening cyber security, streamlining...

Adam Šima


6 minutes of reading

Interview: The opportunity to increase service maturity from low to high has never been better

Paul Wilkinson is the head of the business and marketing department at UK's largest independent IT Service Transformation Consultancy - iCore. He has spent the last 20 years supporting organizations on technology optimization and transformation journeys. In this interview we discussed why ITSM struggles...

Jana Mančíková


6 minutes of reading

ITSM as the first steps to strengthening cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is slowly but surely becoming a TOP priority – both in the private and public sectors. Despite this, management tends to believe that a firewall/antivirus = 100% security throughout the organization. Why are these procedures not enough and how should the IT department initiate a change...

Jana Mančíková


6 minutes of reading

ALVAO has been approved for UK public sector use – our products are available in G-Cloud

ALVAO products, Asset Management and Service Desk, are now available not only in the Czech and Slovak eGovernment cloud but also in the British G-Cloud.

Jana Mančíková


1 minute of reading

ALVAO 11 Achieves PinkVERIFY Certification for ITIL 4 – Elevating ITSM and ITAM to New Heights

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT service management (ITSM) and IT asset management (ITAM), staying ahead of the game is essential. The journey from ITIL 3 to ITIL 2011 (or simply "ITIL V3") was a significant leap forward, and now, the industry has taken another momentous stride with ITIL 4. And an...

Jana Šilarová


3 minutes of reading

The request form can save hours. Do you know all its features?

The request entry form is the gateway to any Service Desk. How is it to be made as understandable as possible for staff; to make sure the operator saves time and not make it a nightmare for those who fill it out…?

Jana Mančíková


2 minutes of reading

Is it worth extending Service Desk to other non-IT departments?

Do you want to take a step forward and extend Service Desk to the rest of the business? Is it worth it? It doesn’t have to be as hard to do as you might think. It won’t cost you much either.

Jana Mančíková


3 minutes of reading

Interview: What is the role of the CIO in digital transformation?

Martin Vitouš has been working in IT for almost 30 years. During that time he’s been through just about everything IT has to offer. His goal is always for customers and trainees to take away something that will help them and that makes sense.

Jan Škrabánek


5 minutes of reading