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How ITSM streamlines your organization

The ALVAO ITSM tool functions as one big funnel – all the incoming IT requests and subsequent resolution steps stay together in one ITSM tool. Requests, incidents and changes aimed at the Service Desk point of contact gives you a clear overview of what is happening and the complete asset management records tell you what is involved, where and why.

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IT Service Management begins by connecting the right tools

We develop our products as an integrated solution because they work best together – as ITSM.

Clear asset records immediately available to all who need them

Forget about dated Excel spreadsheets and confusing asset records. With Asset Management, you know exactly what assets you have, who is responsible for each and where they are located. Get an overview of every device from purchase to retirement, from one point of reference.

This one-stop shop saves time and effort for the IT department and the entire organization

Our ITIL-certified Service Desk brings all requests and messages together at a single point of contact. Put an end to unnecessary emails or phone calls. Requests from the whole company are automatically sorted and go to the right solvers. Maximize your department’s potential.

Benefits of combining Asset Management & Service Desk

We develop the tools together as one ITSM toolkit that can improve the operation of the IT department and the entire company.

Our ITSM tools are certified for 7 best practices under ITIL 4

We meet globally recognized procedures for effectively managing IT services.


Incident Management

Minimize the organizational impact of downtime and unexpected situations. Incident Management makes incident resolution faster and easier. This practice clearly prioritizes which incidents are critical and solutions in terms of urgency and infrastructure impact.


Problem Management

Prevent problems and unexpected events. Identify the root causes of recurring incidents and prevent them with a well-grounded solution. Minimize the risk of potential downtime.


Change Enablement

Are you wary of undertaking major changes – be it innovation of established procedures or implementation of new services? Are you nervous about the associated risks, and would rather avoid them? Get change management under control. With Change Enablement, you can assess the benefits, costs and risks.


Service Request Management

All user service requests come through predefined forms that automatically recognize what an employee is entitled to. Thanks to Service Request Management, solvers have complete documentation for an immediate solution, to a defined workflow – the whole process is transparent, fast and efficient.


Service Catalog Management

Keep the service catalogue offered by IT and other departments in your organization up to date. With established service levels (SLAs), solvers know which requirements to prioritize, since they are never out of sight.


IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Control the lifecycle of tangible and intangible IT assets from start to finish – clearly and with an audit trail. You know exactly what assets you own, where they are, when a license expires, or how many repairs have had to be done.


Service Configuration Management (CMDB)

Get an instant overview of your IT infrastructure – analyze incident impact faster and more reliably. Your CMDB diagram will show the interconnectedness of assets, including their current status. You can plan changes without avoidable downtime and, above all, actively prevent problems in the future. Learn more.

Seamless integration with your favorite apps

ALVAO naturally integrates with Microsoft365 products, but can easily handle the connection to most ERP and other systems.

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