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Integrated project management and ITSM 

With the ability to create new projects from scratch or from tickets (both incident and service requests), changes, or problems, you can plan all your IT project initiatives within ALVAO Service Desk. Projects with multiple linked child tasks can be easily visualized with the work-breakdown structure. Child tasks can be created manually or automatically, depending on task dependencies, at each stage of project. 

Project management and task management in ALVAO
project management whit Microsoft apps integration

Easy project planning with ALVAO and Microsoft 365

Experience seamless management and planning of projects with ALVAO's native integration with Microsoft 365. From a service desk request, effortlessly create a To-Do task and add it to your work schedule. When arranging a project meeting or appointment, easily schedule it in Outlook directly from the request. Attendees can access all communication history in ALVAO for Outlook with a single click before the meeting. Using Power Automate, you can automate processes throughout the project, such as creating a solution team in Teams and adding the project to Planner.  

Project Management data analytics

Actionable insights & reports

Merge data from diverse teams into comprehensive project analytics with Power BI reports. Tailor and build your reports with ease. Stay in control by selecting the metrics that hold the key to project success. 

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Project software development with Azure DevOps integration

Manage software projects end-to-end with Azure DevOps & ALVAO

IT and development teams can leverage ALVAO and Azure DevOps capabilities to handle the entire software development life cycle. Projects are initiated in the service desk, with specifications for issues, tasks, and approvals, and then move to Azure DevOps for realization. This feature helps you streamline roadmap planning, backlog refinement, sprint planning, and release management, ensuring on-time delivery of software projects. 

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The other features to make project management simple

Cross-project views

Members of the solution team can access all project-related subtasks in one place. For every subtask, you can view the time to resolution (deadline) and the type of link it has to the project and other subtasks. 

Time and budget tracking

Project members can easily log the time spent on project tasks, while the system automatically tracks the associated costs. This allows project managers to track the workload of each team member and maintain control over project budget.


Customizable project tasks, statuses, and form fields offer high flexibility for all your projects.   

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Simple licensing for easy project management

In many cases, projects involve stakeholders beyond the IT realm, such as Finance, approvers, and business, who are not typically part of the service desk. With ALVAO a unique licensing model, each user can be an agent with no additional cost. 

More about licensing  

Leaders in their field use ALVAO

ALVAO for the whole company

Manage everything from ticketing to asset tracking and boost your business with one powerful ITSM solution. All the info you need to make the right decision is always at hand. With ALVAO ITSM, you can ease your IT department's workload and take the stress out of your staff while ensuring best service experience for your end users.


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