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We are Microsoft’s preferred solution in the education field

We are members of the Digital University interactive platform that supports universities and their
digital-era learning development.

ALVAO for Teams

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investment 100%

We develop the tools exclusively for Microsoft 365, both in terms of integration and user adoption – you don’t need a manual for our products if you know how to use MS Office.

ALVAO ITSM solution will streamline IT, even in your university

Because our products work best together - as ITSM - we develop them as a single solution.

With Asset Management, see your product lifecycle in just a few clicks

Is your current setup letting you down? Are you losing track of your university’s assets and their present location? Bring your asset and buildings management out of cluttered Excel spreadsheets into a single app. Do away with manual asset entry and tedious table linking.

Thanks to our Asset Management tree structure, you can quickly bring order to university property.

Would you like your assets differentiated by origin – from donations, subsidies, own funds? With ALVAO Asset Management, you get a complete overview, by categories we can customize for you.

Our Service Desk eases enrollment of thousands of students every year

The ALVAO solution takes care of IT Service Management and Incident Management. It helps with buildings management, simplifying the joining/leaving of staff and, above all, of students.

University newcomers can ask for everything they need via the Service Desk (access cards, equipment...). The whole process works automatically: a request is created, which goes to the relevant departments (IT, HR, study department...) and the relevant issue-solvers.

Students/tutors don’t need contact details about who works in IT. With the Service Desk comes a single point of contact for solving all the issues and requests across the university and all its buildings.

ALVAO products can serve your university’s day-to-day operations

Are you hamstrung by a low budget, and short on IT staff?

Then Service Desk can be the solution. The software will streamline the work of the entire IT department. Data from Power BI tells you where to direct your effort and what is taking up most of your team’s time.

A solution for wider use?

Our system can be used by everyone who works at the university. The software always recognizes who is logged in, whether a tutor, student or non-teaching staff member, and accordingly displays their relevant agenda.

Is ITSM suited for the entire university or a single team?

We implement ALVAO solutions at any scale. We’ll take care of deployment in a single department, just as we would do for the entire university, with the same care and professionalism.

non-commercial members of EUNIS CZ and SK

ALVAO products at discounted prices

For non-commercial members of EUNIS CZ and SK, we offer our products – ALVAO Service Desk & ALVAO Asset Management – at significantly discounted prices. Universities and research institutions can approach us for a proposed solution, just by setting out their needs.

G-Cloud, NÚKKIB, ISO27001

ALVAO meets cybersecurity requirements at the highest level

Asset Management & Service Desk is included in the eGovernment cloud service catalogue, which allows public administrations to purchase IT services centrally. Our solutions come with the highest security rating – level 3.

ALVAO is ISO 27001 certified, ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally valid standard that guarantees the security of our products.

Our products have passed customer penetration tests – to the OWASP standard (Open Web Application Security Project).

With our products, you meet all state-sector and legislative cybersecurity requirements.

More about certifications

Universities that have recognized the power of our ITSM solution

Olga Klápšťová  University of Pardubice

Thanks to ALVAO Service Desk, requests are resolved faster from days to hours. With ALVAO, we can complete our tasks in less time and with greater efficiency.

Olga Klápšťová

University of Pardubice

What universities like about ALVAO

ALVAO consultant writing down on his laptop while speaking with his customers.

We’ll stay in close touch, even after implementation

We regularly organize webinars, workshops and conferences. If you have any issues or queries, we are here for you, every working day.

Knowledge Base in Service Desk

Knowledge Base

Upload your solution progress to the knowledge base. In the Service Desk, students/teachers will find relevant procedures, learn how to solve issues and save having to contact the IT department.

Rapid implementation

Rapid implementation, in a matter of days

We do not promise miracles. It can take weeks to migrate an entire university to our product environment, but we can take care of one research team every few days.

Request a personalized demo to learn how we can help your university



In the demo, you'll learn:

  • How to better organize internal departments within a university.
  • How to manage relationships with teachers, students, administration workers, and stakeholders.
  • How the ALVAO ITSM solution can handle incidents and requests efficiently and reduce manual work.