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The synergy of development and IT

The development, implementation, and maintenance of applications require close collaboration between the development and IT teams. By integrating Azure DevOps and Service Desk, you will get a work environment where you can easily and quickly share information between teams and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Streamline workflows

Support teams can easily escalate and link Service Desk tickets to Azure DevOps work items. Notify engineering teams of bugs that are hindering your customers’ experience and get updates on the status of the solution - all from the Service Desk ticket detail. Thus, support is always able to keep the customer up-to-date.

Workflow solution Azure DevOps

Benefits of Service Desk and Azure DevOps integration

  • Development solves all the agenda in Azure DevOps
  • Automated request forwarding makes it easier to resolve tasks on time according to SLAs
  • No data loss by keeping all communication in the request
  • Providing better customer service

All in one place

In Azure DevOps, developers will have a complete view of customer conversations related to an issue. They can collaborate with your support team to resolve issues without having to leave Azure DevOps.

Limitless possibilities

Integration requires the use of enterprise API and Custom Apps, which also opens up additional possibilities for automating, customizing, and integrating any application with ALVAO Service Desk.