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Perfectly mapped infrastructure for greater reliability

You cannot have fully functioning IT processes without a thorough overview of configuration items. The ALVAO configuration database enables you to fully understand the IT environment with up-to-date information about hardware, software, documentation, licenses, and more. 

Understand the context through visualization

Create logical links between items so that you can understand the impact on infrastructure and the services provided, in the event of an outage. With clear visualization, finding the root cause of a problem becomes easy. 

Minimize the negative effects of changes 

Keep all the documents for planned changes at your disposal. Check how the change will affects your environment and avoid unnecessary risks. 


Record everything you really need and nothing more

With ALVAO, you have complete freedom in terms of what items, properties, and attributes you record. You can create any objects and record exactly the properties you make use of. This will provide technicians with one place to look for all the important information when they need it.  

Object history

With complete history information for all your configuration items, you can make qualified decisions about next steps. Get to know exactly who was responsible for an item during its life cycle, whether a particular device has ever been returned for repairs, and how many incidents were associated with it.