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User experience of ALVAO IT Service Management platform

Being associated with the service desk for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to work on different ITSM tools such as Remedy 6.5, 7.1, ICD, Maximo, and ServiceNow. ALVAO was the most different among all that I have worked with so far. So, let's look at some of the key features of ALVAO that make...

Mukesh Sharma


3 minutes of reading

ALVAO has successfully passed the SOC 2, type II evaluation process

We are pleased to announce that ALVAO SaaS - cloud services have successfully passed the six-month evaluation process of SOC 2, type II. This audit confirmed that the set-up and follow-up of our policies and procedures for managing security, privacy, availability and confidentiality meet the highest...

Jana Šilarová


2 minutes of reading

ITIL® 4: The Processes, Practices and Four Dimensions of IT Management

Processes are often the first thing that people think of when they say ITIL. The implementation of ITIL goes hand in hand with the introduction or fine-tuning of important processes such as Incident Management, Change Management or Problem Management. These basic processes can be found almost unchanged...

Jan Škrabánek


4 minutes of reading

ITIL® 4: Guiding Principles, Part Two

The guiding principles of the new ITIL edition have generated a positive response around the world. These are the practical and universal recommendations that you can follow in any situation. They are the foundation of everything we want to achieve in Service Management, as ITIL 4 co-author Philip Hearsum...

Jan Škrabánek


7 minutes of reading

Interview: ITIL is no longer just an IT best practice

Miroslav Hlohovský, CEO of our partner company OMNICOM, has been in IT management for over 15 years. In addition to hundreds of training courses and consultations, he recently co-authored ITIL 4 manuals. We talked about empathy in Service Management, customer service mapping and the future of ITIL.

Jan Škrabánek


7 minutes of reading

The most practical portions of ITIL® 4: Guiding Principles, Part One

Before the ITIL 4 Foundation book was even published, we had the opportunity to ask the authors what their favourite chapter was. We expected diverse answers, but they all agreed on one thing: The chapter on Guiding Principles. No wonder. Guiding principles are perhaps the most practical thing you will...

Jan Škrabánek


8 minutes of reading

ITIL® 4: Service Value System - from opportunity to value

Herta Herzog, one of the founders of modern market research, was behind the huge success of the small advertising agency Tinker & Partners in the 1960s. As part of her work she used motivational interviews, previously only deployed in therapy. Marketing had previously explored what people buy. Herta...

Jan Škrabánek


8 minutes of reading

What is ITIL®: Definitions, history and benefits of each version

Today, ITIL is the most successful set of best practices, and thanks to a recent update remains relevant to modern businesses even after 30 years. In the new series, we will introduce the basic concepts of the new edition and show how to put theory into practice without further ado.

Jan Škrabánek


12 minutes of reading

"ITIL 4 focuses on the ‘people side’ of things way more"

Philip Hearsum is one of the ITIL 4 lead architects. We spoke with him about why we needed a revised ITIL and how both IT and non-IT departments can benefit from it.

Lucie Rozmarinová


6 minutes of reading

“LEAN IT is a set of techniques and approaches to help businesses with continuous improvement...”

Peter Hubbard is one of the main consultants of the prestigious Pink Elephant company. He has 20 years of experience in IT Service Management at companies like Rolls Royce, Heinz and British Petroleum. He speaks regularly at major industry conferences. He was the keynote speaker at ALVAO Inspiration...

Lucie Rozmarinová


5 minutes of reading

Benefits of ITAM (IT Asset Management)

Having your assets under control is at the heart of a functioning IT department. Whether you’re addressing security, planning the budget for the upcoming period, or selecting suppliers, a reliable overview of assets is a must. Still, plenty of IT managers don’t know how many company computers they are...

Lucie Rozmarinová


7 minutes of reading