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Connect departments and improve communication

Uncertainties in tasks and responsibilities lead to tension between colleagues. Automate your company’s workflow, get rid of unclear procedures and communication noise.

Give users one place for all requests

Your colleagues shouldn’t have a hard time finding out who to turn to with their request. One contact point removes ambiguities and encourages action. Electronic forms will replace obsolete paper request forms.

Managed workflow throughout the company

Human resource management

Smooth starts and training with regard to a new employee requires considerable effort and coordination from several teams. Alvao automates the whole process, ensures that nothing is forgotten and the candidate has a place, equipment, approaches and training plan ready from day one. 

Orders and purchasing

Speed-up the ordering process with clearly defined rules incorporated directly into the tool. 

Booking system

Booking cars or rooms. Business trip solutions from ordering accommodation to the final bill. 

Change management

Lengthy change management leads to frustration and employees lose the motivation to innovate. A proper process setup along with automation brings real results. 

Prophylaxis, maintenance and inspection

Preventive maintenance and regular inspections ensure a long service life regarding equipment and prevents unexpected outages. 

Electronic forms

Paper request forms will be replaced by structured electronic forms. You will offer all internal services to employees in a clear catalogue of services. 

Digitalisation of service departments

Your employees time is the most valuable thing that your company has. In the twenty-first century, there is no reason why they should waste unnecessary time solving administrative tasks, completing forms, and overcoming bureaucratic obstacles. In this guide, we will show you how to digitalise all request forms, handover protocols and even annual stocktaking with ALVAO.

In the Service Department Digitalisation Guide, you will learn:

  • How to digitalise all request forms in the company
  • How to simplify and speed-up approval
  • How to get rid of paper handover protocols forever
  • How to quickly speed-up annual stocktaking

Download the Guide

Understandable workflow instead of complicated process diagrams

The solver clearly sees what part of the workflow they are in. Specific instructions are available for the current task.

Clear workflow editor

You can effortlessly create a new workflow in a clear workflow editor. Graphical visualisation of processes also helps you with that.

Wide range of custom forms

You can structure all forms according to your needs. Select the desired items and specify their display order. This makes it easier for you to work with the information from the forms.

Automated approval

The system supports complex approval processes. No one has to think about who has to approve the request, the request system follows predefined logic.

Increase your IT management level

CIO Newsletter

It brings new perspectives on the role of the company CIO, inspiring recommendations on how to succeed in this role, advice on how to ‘manage’ IT department employees, and news in the field. 

90 Day Plan for a New IT Manager eBook

An experienced CIO who gives you a clear answer on how to proceed if you are in charge of IT and are expected to take quick and effective action. 

Care to know how ALVAO will help you improve the operation of your department? Contact us.

We help companies to better organize their internal departments and manage relationships with in-house services users. Get rid of unnecessary manual work. Arrange a no-obligation meeting with an ALVAO consultant. 

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