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CritSit in IT Service Desk

CritSits stands for critical situations that require immediate attention to prevent serious consequences. In this article, we will explain what the term ‘CritSit’ means in terms of IT service desk, and then we’ll look into why a team gets into CritSit mode, what measures we can take to avoid it, and...

Mukesh Sharma


4 minutes of reading

How ITSM can help improve customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the most important metric that measures the performance of a service desk team.

Mukesh Sharma


2 minutes of reading

How ALVAO simplifies the work for L1 support operators

Basic user support (your IT helpdesk) accounts for 70% of how people in the company perceive IT. In other words, IT’s image is all about L1 support. In order to help the resolution team do the kind of work colleagues will appreciate, we’ve provided a number of tweaks at ALVAO for better work organization.

Jana Mancikova


3 minutes of reading

Interview: You can’t be dogmatic about ITIL®. But you won’t find any nonsense in it.

You won’t find a classic salesperson at ALVAO. Nor in the person of Zdeněk Jelínek, who has been in charge of our activities in Slovakia since September. Originally an IT manager and ITIL sceptic, he has become one of the few certified ITIL experts in the Czech Republic. We talked about ITIL 4 and plans...

Jan Skrabanek


5 minutes of reading

It doesn’t pay to overlook dragons. Not even in IT.

‘There's NO Such Thing as a Dragon,’ the mother repeats over and over again in Jack Kent’s charming fairy tale of that name. A small dragon appears in her son Billy’s room in the morning and he runs downstairs to tell her right away. But the mother doesn’t take the news seriously at all. There’s no such...

Jan Skrabanek


5 minutes of reading

Interview: Change Management can’t be done halfway

Rudolf Slaba is an ITIL Expert and Process Specialist at O2 Czech Republic. In addition, he owns a pack of working dogs for hunting wild boar and trains ITIL courses throughout the country. We talked about the change management process and its deployment in companies.

Jan Skrabanek


7 minutes of reading

The specifics of IT management in hospitals and healthcare facilities

Healing people is a complex discipline where information technology is increasingly playing an important role. Most workplaces today are equipped with smart devices, connected to a network. The X-ray machine sends its images directly to the system for evaluation. Pharmacy systems regulate the temperatures...

Jan Skrabanek


6 minutes of reading

Interview: Systems failure can paralyze the hospital, yet health care has to keep going

David Zažímal manages IT at Jihlava hospital. We talked about what a critical outage looks like in a hospital, what specific problems one has to face, and why the computer labels have to be more durable than in other sectors.

Jan Skrabanek


7 minutes of reading

ALVAO ITSM Solution is now available for purchase on Microsoft AppSource!

At Alvao we pride ourselves to be the most Microsoft-centric ITSM product out there. Our solution is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Teams which enables employees to raise tickets easily and directly from both of them. You can now request a free trial or directly purchase Alvao via Microsoft AppSource.

Jana Silarova


0 minutes of reading

Microsoft Awards 2021: ALVAO wins in the Community Response Award category

The winner of the MS Awards 2021 in the Community Response Award category is ALVAO. Its solution Asset Management and digitization of internal services on Microsoft Azure for rescue forces helped the Operational Centre of the Slovak Emergency Medical Service (hereinafter referred to as EMS SK).

Jana Silarova


4 minutes of reading

Interview: ITAM needs to be proactive and look towards the future

David Foxen has years of experience in IT Asset Management and track record of saving companies millions of pounds through implementing and maturing successful ITAM functions. He is a founder of SAM Beast consultancy agency. He shares his passion for ITAM via live LinkedIn and Youtube stream. We talked...

Jan Skrabanek


7 minutes of reading