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Why integrate ALVAO and Zabbix?

Enhance incident management

In the event of a security incident or outage, time is crucial. The integration ensures that the relevant information is promptly delivered to the appropriate personnel.

High availability of IT services

ALVAO and Zabbix integration provides all necessary information in one place. This enables you to identify the root cause of the outage and resolve the problem more efficiently, ensuring maximum availability of IT services and infrastructure.

Better IT visibility

In ALVAO, you can utilise crucial monitoring data, such as asset health, service and application utilisation, for reporting and analysis. This enables more effective planning of changes and further development of the infrastructure and IT services.

Mobile device data from Intune within ALVAO Asset Management

Workflow automation

Efficient data synchronization between the two systems guarantees that in case of any suspicious activity or non-standard behavior of any of the infrastructure elements, Zabbix will send an alert to the ALVAO Service Desk. Afterwards, the system will automatically create tickets for the selected service with a clearly defined priority (SLA) for the agent. This ensures that critical and important events are resolved promptly and with minimal impact on end users.

Imported visibility of Zabbix events through visulization in CMDB

Comprehensive insight with a configuration database (CMDB)

Every monitoring event immediately affects the health status of a specific infrastructure component. This allows for easy situation analysis through visualizations in the configuration database, providing a comprehensive overview of the affected infrastructure and services across your organization.

Learn more about CMDB

AI-powered insights to the monitoring data with Azure OpenAI & ALVAO

Analyze data from multiple sources instantly, pinpointing isolated incidents or system-wide outages in seconds. Dive deeper with a clear visualization of impacted infrastructure and AI-powered suggestions for the fastest resolution. Respond to issues swiftly, minimize downtime, and keep your IT humming.


Leverage monitoring data for ITAM workflows

Creating bindings in CMDB automatically

Based on the monitoring information, ALVAO automatically creates and updates links in the configuration database between objects, whether they are individual devices or the entire enterprise network.

Update of asset properties

Changes in performance, configuration, and settings are automatically logged to asset properties and operational logs, providing up-to-date information. This improves asset lifecycle management and helps prevent downtime.

Organizations that have integrated ALVAO and Zabbix

"Thanks to the integration of ALVAO and Zabbix, we are able to resolve incidents faster and more efficiently. Additionally, we obtain important information and statistics about network devices from monitoring, which are automatically paired with objects in Asset Management. This saves us a lot of manual work and time, which we can then devote to other tasks."

Zdenel Mikulka, IT specialista, Lesy České republiky

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