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First steps towards cybersecurity with ITSM

In the event of a security incident, you will be able to respond quickly, efficiently and get any crisis situation under control as soon as possible. The ITSM interconnection of ALVAO Service Desk & Asset Management will bring order to the running of the entire company and set up the right processes.

Change Management

Are you nervous about major changes – the implementation of new services or changes in established procedures? Are you wary of the associated risks, and would rather avoid them? The ITSM tool will take care of smooth change management, with minimal risk.

CMDB Configuration Management DataBase

With a configuration database, you have an overview of your IT infrastructure in just a few clicks. Keep control over assets and monitor the links between them. With a clearly understandable database, you can proactively prevent problems.

Incident Management

Has a user account been compromised? With ITSM, you know where to search out the problem. You get a comprehensive support toolkit to handle your security incident.

IT Service Management begins by connecting the right tools

Because our products work best together - as ITSM - we develop them as a single solution.

With Asset Management, you get notified of a risk and its potential resolution

A clear database of all hardware and software – ALVAO software makes asset records more efficient and supports security inside and out.

Asset Management sets permissions and access rights to individual objects and their properties. Your colleagues get only the access to your assets that they need for their work, and will see only the data assigned to them in Asset Management.

The tool will help with risk analysis. For each of the assets you can record its value, vulnerability and other properties that you need to keep track of, in order to handle (not only) risk analysis as part of your cyber security.

Service Desk is the IT manager’s right-hand tool in the event of a cyber disaster

Have you been caught out by a security incident? Service Desk will guide you stepwise through relevant processes – so you react promptly and efficiently to the crisis, and can nip it in the bud.

All requests to the IT department go via a single point of contact. With each new staff arrival comes the need for loan entry passes, a computer, a phone and access to sensitive data, and with Service Desk the requests go directly to the IT staff tasked with approvals.

You can always trace back just who did what and when in security-related areas. Everything has a traceable audit trail, as is required these days, not just for security.

ALVAO solutions meet the highest cyber security requirements

product security

We take care of our product security

We adhere to the principles of safe development – our software undergoes penetration tests according to the OWASP methodology and we make code-review changes. Our software runs as a SaaS backed by one of the most secure cloud solutions on the market  - Microsoft Azure, with data residencies in the US, UK, and the EU.

HM Government G-Cloud Supplier

ALVAO is in the eGovernment cloud

Asset Management & Service Desk are included in the eGovernment cloud service catalogue, which allows public administrations to purchase IT services centrally.

They get to choose from the catalogue of government-approved services and suppliers, with ALVAO among them. Our solutions comes with the highest security rating – level 3.

We meet the highest state sector and legislative cyber security requirements not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in the United Kingdom. We belong to the British equivalent of eGovernment – G-Cloud.

ISO 27001 Certification

Our products are ISO 27001 certified

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally valid standard that guarantees the safety of our products – through a certified audit we have to pass.

Get ISO 27001 with ALVAO

ALVAO's cloud services are SOC2 certified

ALVAO's cloud services are SOC2 certified

The SOC 2 Type II certification demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving ourcloud security for maximal protection of customer valuable data. The audit also confirms that our cloud security practices, policies, and procedures meet the high security, availability, and confidentiality standards.  

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Get Cyber Essential Plus with ALVAO

Get Cyber Essential Plus with ALVAO

ALVAO will help you identify potential security risks and meet the technical audit requirements necessary for Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

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Thinking about ITSM as a cyber security solution? Be aware...

Security in your organization is addressed by well-informed employees, first and foremost. Regular education, simulated attacks and other methods for improving security awareness are the foundation, complementing our products.

The ITSM interconnection of Asset Management & Service Desk leads to significantly better protection. We develop our products as an integrated whole, working best together. True enough, even a standalone Service Desk will support security, but in conjunction with AM, it is many times more efficient.

Yet neither Service Desk nor Asset Management are security tools, as such. On the other hand, they have the potential to kick-start the first steps towards cybersecurity – to support security processes and facilitate the implementation of follow-up measures.

Would you like to know how ALVAO will help you improve the operation of your department? Contact us!


  • Have you outgrown relying on a firewall/antivirus and are looking for a professional solution?
  • Are you conscious of a security threat and seek to convince management about the need for cyber security?
  • ITSM tools will be a springboard to comprehensive defences against targeted attacks.
  • Take a look at the whole range of benefits our products bring, or just contact us – fill in the form, and an ALVAO consultant will be happy to advise.