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Revolutionize and drive your ITSM strategy with seamless Power BI integration toward business success

Drill down into data visualizations to open information that stands out and gain a better understanding of what is going on in your IT.

Real-time data in hand

By using clearly visualized data, management will gain a better understanding of IT performance. Reports from Power BI help you defend your IT budget and quickly identify project opportunities.

Customizable dashboards

The powerful personalization capabilities of Power BI together with ALVAO ITSM solution allow you to create your own dashboards. Visualize any data drawn from the ITSM tool tailored to your needs.

Safety first in IT infrastructure

Reports allow you to quickly detect where the security of IT infrastructure gets weakened and why.

Get meaningful data from Service Desk that you can lean on

Weekly performance report in power BI about IT team

Support agility through weekly reports

Monitor service desk performance in the weekly report and manage IT backlogs and resources to defend your budget and projects based on hard data. Evaluate how well your team has met targeted goals for the past week.

the First Response Time Report

Boost your customer satisfaction

Improve your support performance by using the First Response Time Report to monitor trends over time. Boost customer satisfaction and ensure your team is meeting expectations. When your team's efficiency and speed decline due to a shortage of staff, this report provides you insights into staffing needs and makes a case for hiring a new team member.

Optimize your Asset Management and cost reduction with unmatched visibility and data you can trust 

monitoring hardware lifespan

Efficiently monitor hardware lifespan

Efficiently control your company’s asset life cycle and expenses by easily monitoring the actual lifespan of the hardware. The report will give you a better understanding of the useful life of each asset and help you make informed decisions about its maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Control over hardware and software renewal

Have control over your hardware and software renewal

Ensure optimal hardware and software maintenance by staying up-to-date with all necessary renewals. Utilize the report to easily identify any needed hardware renewal, analyze their operating systems, and determine whether a new purchase or update is necessary. Don't let outdated hardware/software hold you back – stay current with our comprehensive compliance report and avoid downtime.

Keep the IT infrastructure stable with your integrated Asset Management and Service Desk

Requests on objects in Service Desk

Reduce incidents by detecting faulty devices

Get control over the most faulty objects and limit the vulnerability of your IT infrastructure. Easily analyze which assets cause the most frequent incidents to minimize disruptions to your IT infrastructure thanks to the deep synergy between Asset Management and Service Desk.

Real-time data wherever you need

Have your data conveniently to hand with the advanced accessibility of Power BI through a variety of platforms, i.e. Android, iOS, and Microsoft platforms such as Teams.

Read more about ALVAO for Microsoft Teams

Analysis in ALVAO Service Desk

Your request dashboard is just a click away

Keep important metrics at your fingertips by tracking and analyzing data visualization within your open request directly in Service Desk.

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