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ALVAO is the solution for

State institutions

Deploy a central system for collecting user requests and record all assets and SW clearly and transparently.

We will take care of the training of the entire IT department. Going from existing / legacy systems, we will migrate all data to ALVAO and save you having to manage several different solutions scattered throughout the department.

Regional authorities, county councils and cities with extended powers

Start managing state-delegated agendas and local-government agendas effectively. ALVAO tools will help you resolve requests from subordinate organizations and keep records on all assets across the city.

Optimize the submission and handling of user requests of the regional authority’s information system. Everything will be more flexible and clear – you will shorten resolving requests from a week to days, even hours. All in accordance with applicable legislation.

District, borough and city councils

One unified software solution across the city. Schools can immediately contact the IT department of the municipal authority to request any equipment they need.

Both the Police and the Roads Maintenance people find out where to intervene – the deputy gets in touch with the relevant authorities through the system. Asset data associated with requirements are in a clear register accessible with a few clicks. Improve the operation of the city with ALVAO.

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investment 100%

We develop the tools exclusively for Microsoft 365, both in terms of integration and user adoption – you don’t need a manual for our products if you know how to use MS Office.

Digitize administrative offices with ALVAO

ALVAO Asset Management keeps track of assets right across the city

A well-arranged database of all hardware and software – keep records of your security camera system + information about specific network devices. ALVAO Asset Management lets you see the location of cameras and relevant access information.

Transfer asset and facility management from cluttered Excel spreadsheets to ALVAO Asset Management. You need no other system to register the vehicle fleet or health and safety equipment (like fire extinguishers) and to monitor their maintenance and upkeep – ALVAO is enough.

Do you want to be ready for an unexpected audit? With ALVAO Asset Management, you won’t get caught by surprise, even if it comes tomorrow. Our solution will help you keep your software above board. Keep track of licenses at a glance. The system will automatically notify you of discrepancies.

ALVAO Service Desk automates processes and unifies requirements across institutions

ALVAO Service Desk will be a single point of contact for all requests and incidents not only in the IT department.

Are your staff complete novices regarding a helpdesk tool? We’ve developed the ALVAO solution with an eye on user-friendliness – anyone can handle it.

Automate both simple and complex processes and save manual labour, costs and time. Staff can report defects or incidents on the self-service portal. Requirements are automatically sorted to a predefined workflow (structure/location of occurrence) and always get to the relevant resolution engineers.

ALVAO can cope with complex processes and capture a variety of scenarios. Staff will appreciate that their requests won’t get overlooked and will be dealt with within the agreed deadlines.

ALVAO manages the IT processes of state institutions, regional, district and municipal authorities

G-Cloud, NÚKIB, ISO 27001

ALVAO meets cybersecurity requirements at the highest level

Our solutions come with the highest security rating – level 3. ALVAO is ISO 27001 certified, ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally valid standard that guarantees the security of our products.

Our products have passed customer penetration tests – to the OWASP standard (Open Web Application Security Project).

With our products, you meet all state-sector and legislative cybersecurity requirements.

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We integrate ALVAO for state administration systems with regard to valid legislation

We can integrate ALVAO products with your applications in order to centralize their processes.

Our products will help you with all legislative requirements – the main information system in the organization is part of national critical infrastructure, so requires that user requests are demonstrably well-managed – verified via an audit trail in the Service Desk.

ALVAO is on G-Cloud

The British government approved and officially classified ALVAO Asset Management and Service Desk as secure solutions after meeting all of their requirements.

ALVAO is Microsoft’s preferred solution for public administration

We are members of the Digital Office – an interactive platform that supports the digitization of state administration and their digitization initiatives and trends in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We develop tools for Microsoft, both in terms of integration and user adoption. You can integrate them with MS Sharepoint, MS Outlook or MS Exchange Server.

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  • How to manage relationships with subordinate organizations and stakeholders
  • How the ALVAO ITSM solution can handle incidents and requests efficiently and reduce manual work