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A single point of contact for all in-company requests

No one has to hunt around for information, whom to contact to report a device fault, a system crash or to request equipment. The ALVAO helpdesk system is simple to use and welcoming. 

The requester always knows what is happening to their request

The requester is clear about who is handling their request, its status and how much time remains to resolution. They do not have to call the helpdesk to ask about the resolution status.  

Requests quickly reach the right Resolver

Don’t waste time sorting requests. The system will ensure that each request is assigned to the right team. 

All tasks accessible directly in Outlook 

With ALVAO you have the entire service desk right there in Outlook. Deal with requests without ever leaving your favourite email client. 

Complete history facilitates communication and ability to delegate

Complete request history is immediately to hand. During absences, standing-in for a colleague is easy, thanks to having complete information about the problem. 

Clear priorities ensure a timely response

Requests are automatically sorted according to assigned priorities. The team has a clearly organized work schedule and will never forget anything important. 

Get a team workload overview with capacity management 

The Service Desk gives you a clear understanding of how busy your team is, how much effort is spent on various tasks and what takes up the most resources. 

Support for advanced workflows and approvals

The system supports comprehensive workflow and approvals processes. No one has to think about who is supposed to approve a given request, the request system follows procedures according to predefined logic. 

Broad options for custom forms in a user-friendly editor

You can structure all the forms to your needs. Select the items you want and specify their order of appearance. This will make it easier for you to work with form-based information. 

Service Desk deployment

Whom can I contact? 

Is anyone dealing with my request? 

When is it going to be done? 

Service Desk deployment

One point of contact 

Know what’s going on 

Agreed rules and quality of solutions 

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