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Do these issues sound familiar?

Overloaded IT department

Do users visit your department daily, with issues like a malfunctioning printer or PC? Is IT constantly interrupted and staff can’t focus on their duties, since they’re having to deal with technical problems?

Complicated workflow

Is work hard to organize? Do you lack an overview of departmental capacity, are deadlines  lost under an avalanche of pressing problems, and do the whole company’s priorities get buried under a mountain of repetitive queries?

Too little time for development

So busy dealing with incidents you have no time for development projects? Do you want to move the activities of the entire IT department from ‘firefighting’ staff issues to being a fully-fledged partner of the entire Business?

Start managing IT processes more efficiently

How about users reporting an incident into Service Desk, which is then automatically categorized and assigned to the correct solvers – as well as starting up the administrative workflow management… That’s the way.

Service Desk will solve these problems for you...


“Requests come by e-mail, are handled in person or over the phone, and no one knows what to do first.”

User requests in Service Desk are automatically assigned to their qualified solver. The requester can see who is working on their task, when it will be resolved, and what is going on. Clearly assigned tasks make each request resolution go faster and more transparently.


“Where should we direct our efforts and what priorities should we set, for the department to bring value to the entire Company?”

Requests are automatically sorted according to assigned priorities. Day-to-day tasks can be distinguished from the company’s strategic goals. The team have their work clearly laid out including how much time is available for each activity – so deadlines never get overlooked.

“I know my IT team is overwhelmed, but I can’t justify increasing the budget.”

“I know my IT team is overwhelmed, but I can’t justify increasing the budget.”

Service Desk gives you a clear idea of the team’s workload and the effort they devote to individual activities – every task and the time spent on it is recorded. You know what tasks soak up the most capacity, where it could be saved and who is doing what. Start managing your team more effectively.


“Do we want to deploy a Service Desk system in every department? No problem.”

The system is user-friendly. In addition to the IT department, we can also easily migrate across to it the HR, Administration or Building management departments’ agenda. The system ensures that each task is assigned to the right team and member, so you don’t waste time sifting through requests.

Service Desk is tuned for the Microsoft environment

Have you implemented Microsoft 365 in your business but are missing a help-desk tool? Do you want to maximize the value of your investment 100%? Then ALVAO is the solution for you.

We develop our tools for the Microsoft 365 context, both in terms of integration and user adoption. Using our products is much like MS Office – users find it familiar straight away.

ALVAO works directly through extensions to Microsoft products already used across your business: MS Outlook and MS Teams.

Service Desk Features

Handle requests directly from Outlook

Browse tasks and assign tickets, stay on top of emails and create requests directly from them. With ALVAO you have the power of the entire Service Desk, directly from Outlook.

Service Desk is right where the users are

With the Teams integration, users raise requests directly from the application. The extension speeds up incident resolution, fine-tunes team collaboration, and streamlines communication across departments.

Get Power BI reports that help you take the lead

Team management and IT performance assessment reports help you defend your budget as well as motivate your team. With Power BI, you know how well you’re meeting goals, metrics, and KPIs.

Easy, intuitive and fast

Solutions for small businesses and large organizations

We implement ALVAO solutions in companies of all sizes. We will apply the same care and professionalism when we deploy Service Desk in a single department or company-wide.

Self-sufficient administrator and ALVAO support

During the implementation, we will train future Service Desk users so they can control the tool without our help. But our cooperation goes on. We organize webinars, share know-how and technical support is here for you every working day.

Tools developed together with users

Do you have an idea or comment about our product? Share it with us in the Service Desk user section. We keep all your suggestions in mind and improve the software based on them.

300+ organizations where ALVAO has facilitated process management


‘We invest a lot of effort in validation. Which is why we pay close attention to selecting only trusted suppliers backed by excellent references and years of experience."

Jakub Koznar, CIO, CONTIPRO


“We quickly put ALVAO into operation. Everything went smoothly, thanks to how easily the system integrates into Exchange and Active Directory. For users, the tool is intuitive, so time is not lost with reading the manual.
At the same time, we can use more complex functions based on our needs. We do not want to bend our processes based on the tool. We will create an optimal process and the tool can adapt to the process."

Juraj Liska, ICT Director, Smartwings

Czech Government Office

"I very much appreciate the ease of delegating to another solver, which is not necessarily easy to do regarding documents.
Colleagues also appreciate the friendly user interface and simple reports, while the solvers welcome the option to work from mobile devices outside the Office."

Jan Braunstein, Czech Government Office

Nemocnice v kraji Vysočina

“ICT staff have more capacity to deal with requests in a meaningful way. They aren’t jumping from one thing to another and getting distracted. All tasks are recorded, whether they are requests from users or within the IT team.”

David Zažímal, Head of ICT Department, Jihlava Region Hospital

You’ll appreciate the features of Service Desk right across the Business

Service Desk in SaaS

You do not need a server room packed with high-tech equipment to run our products. The ALVAO solution works in concert with the TOP security solution Microsoft Azure – you can jump into our ecosystem at any time, but also jump out of it.

First steps towards cyber-security

Service Desk will initiate the digitization of your business and protecting your organization. Every access request, every issue of an employee access card must be approved by ALVAO and everything has its audit trail.


Advanced workflow software

Nobody has to scratch their head about who should approve a given request – Service Desk directs requests according to pre-defined rules.


Custom forms in a user-friendly editor

Create custom request forms. Structure everything according to your own needs. Select the items and specify their display order.

Discover the power of Service Desk in conjunction with ALVAO Asset Management

Are you losing track of your company’s assets and where they are right now? In addition to Service Desk, we offer an Asset Management product – an ALVAO solution to keep track of all assets and software. 

The tree-structured database in Asset Management is easy-to-follow, shows you exactly what is where, and speeds up your mandatory inventory-taking from weeks to days.

Learn more 

What do Service Desk users like best?

What do Service Desk users like best?

  • An intuitive user interface, just like Microsoft 365
  • Reliable technical support that quickly helps resolve problems
  • Tools developed together with users and their needs
  • Automated processes and simplified tasks for staff joiners and leavers
  • Service Desk – for the whole company without any further investment
  • Elimination and digitization of paper requisitions and acceleration of their approval

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Guide: Digitize your IT department with Service Desk

Responsible IT operations do require numerous administrative tasks that are important, but needlessly burden the team. Routine operation involves reams of forms, documents and bureaucratic procedures. We’ll help you get it done better.

Get the guide

Do you want to improve the running of your department? ALVAO will help you achieve it.

Jan Skrabanek

Business Development Manager

Set up an appointment and let us introduce you to ALVAO products and show you ways to improve the running of internal departments, speed up processes, facilitate and better organize everyday activities.

Get rid of unnecessary manual work.

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