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4 reasons to consider ALVAO over Hornbill

Selecting the appropriate ITSM solution to meet your requirements can be a challenging task in today’s landscape. With numerous solutions available, all seemingly offering similar features, it’s essential to carefully evaluate your options. In this comparison, we will explore why ALVAO stands out as a suitable alternative to Hornbill.

Microsoft-friendly integration

More intuitive user interface (UI)

You only pay for what you use

Poweful reporting capabilities

1. ALVAO: The Microsoft 365 synergy

ALVAO seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, offering not just the familiar look and feel but also deep connections to Microsoft applications. Newcomers to ALVAO Service Desk and Asset Management can use the tool right in without major struggles. Meanwhile, Hornbill’s interface feels a tad old-fashioned and clunky, despite their improvements.

ALVAO integrates naturally with widely used platforms like SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, Power BI, and Azure Directory running on the most secure cloud – Microsoft Azure.

No interruptions or manual work needed—just smooth sailing for users and IT support. Hornbill does offer integrations, including Microsoft ones, but it lacks that deep synergy. More about ALVAO integrations

"We launched ALVAO recently and I have received tons of good feedback from users who are now able to manage the complete ticket creation process from start to finish without leaving Teams."

— Mark Challis, IT Operations and Security Manager, EIP

2. Hornbill: Easy tool, baffling UI

Hornbill may seem basic, but its setup complexity surprises. In contrast, ALVAO gets up and running in just a few days with basic implementation and requirements. Designed with the user in mind and inspired by Microsoft’s UI, ALVAO offers an easy-to-navigate enterprise service management solution at a friendly price.

 Great ticket management software

ALVAO is very easy to use service desk that has all the features we need for incident, problem and service management. Creating customer workflows and forms is very straightforward compare to our previous solution. Also the integration to Teams, Zabbix and Azure DevOps is something what we use daily and save us tone of time. The support team is one the best what I can meet so far. Keep it up! Read more on G2.

 –⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠  Jan,  programmer, financial controller, economy 

3. Elastic Hornbill pricing causes additional costs

While Hornbill boasts elastic pricing, there might be further costs. You pay extra for services and features that should be in every ITSM tool. Furthermore, upgrades and tech support takes up more and more costs. 

ALVAO, on the other hand, keeps it real. Different editions offer precisely what you need, and you can mix and match functions according to your requirements.

Plus, everyone can be both a user and agent. That’s enterprise service management done right. ALVAO’s core offering covers all the essentials, so no surprise bills. And let’s talk implementation: Hornbill’s costs can skyrocket, while ALVAO throws in a free MD. We’re not here to break your budget; we’re here to get you running smoothly.

More ALVAO plans and pricing

4. Hornbill's clunky reporting vs. ALVAO Power BI

Hornbill’s reports seem to be clunky. ALVAO? We’ve got Power BI reports and templates that connect Service Desk and Asset Management. It’s like having IT superpowers—control over services and ops performance. Hornbill’s complex reporting can be difficult without having full control of the SQL query, but as an alternative API's can be used but will require knowledge. More about Power BI reports

"I really liked that on the Power BI dashboard there's a tab for recent searches. I was able to take what people are searching for and build knowledge articles around it. That was fantastic."

— Josh Higaki, System Analyst, Ripple Junction

Bonus Reason: ITSM and ITAM harmonised in one tool

ALVAO ITSM waltzes with efficient asset management. Hardware and software discovery? Check. License management? Got it. CMDB needs? Covered. All harmoniously integrated into a single interface alongside service and ticket management software. It’s like having a symphony of IT management in one place. More about ITAM&ITSM

"Main point of pleasure - ALVAO does all the things that we talked about saying it will do. That's not always true with other platforms."

— Josh Higaki, System Analyst, Ripple Junction

What customers say about ALVAO

ALVAO is a trusted choice for leading companies like Erste, Siemens, Panasonic, Skoda, Notino, DPD, and many more. This strong customer base speaks volumes about its effectiveness and user satisfaction. More about our customers

"I wouldn't call it a ticket system I would call it easily customizable tool to help you communicate with all departments in the company.“

— Kellan Lawing, IT Manager, Northeast Kind


While Hornbill offers a solid ITSM platform, ALVAO presents a compelling alternative with its exceptional Microsoft integration, native IT asset management, flexible pricing, and advanced AI functionalities.

If you're seeking a solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing Microsoft environment and provides a cost-effective, comprehensive ITSM experience, ALVAO is definitely worth considering.

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