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Automatically retrieve information from the network

Automated detection of software and hardware will provide you with base data to support users and make new purchases. 

Asset management software is a must

Nowadays, new software can be installed in moments. Without IT knowledge, there may be hundreds of installations that pose a security and audit risk on your network. Asset management software will show you which installations are useful, which are unnecessary and which are unlicensed. 

Don’t waste funds on licenses you do not use

Reveal spare licenses and save on buying new ones. ALVAO supports various license models and automatically assigns licenses to installations. It automatically alerts you to all problems, so you don’t have to worry about audits and checks. 

End pirated software and the associated security risk

Get timely warning about unauthorized or dangerous software on your company’s computers. Easily scan your entire network, including computers outside the intranet. Keep a constant overview of the company’s software base. 

Keep your software product library up-to-date

We update the library of software products every week with hundreds of titles, including products unique to the Czech market. The recognition of new software is fully automated and completely trouble-free for you. We have data from tens of thousands of computers, so we’ll add new products to the list without your having to contact us. 

Set up the correct procedures

Implementation will be guided by an experienced consultant to help you set up procedures for software management.