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Latest Articles

How ITSM can help improve customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the most important metric that measures the performance of a service desk team.

Mukesh Sharma


2 minutes of reading

Is your organization ready for Windows 11?

Moving to Windows 11 will bring much innovation, but also a lot of worry and work – especially for IT teams tasked with planning the upgrade. Many organizations are concerned that the new operating system may need upgraded hardware. Our analysis in dozens of companies showed that approximately 27% of...

Adam Šima


4 minutes of reading

Change that will outlive you: Managing transformative projects, part 2

Get inspired by our experience with best practices and learn from people with many years of experience on change management

Jan Škrabánek


6 minutes of reading

Change that will outlive you: Managing transformative projects, part 1

Read about change management from different angles, get inspired by our own experience with best practices and learn from people with many years of know-how

Jan Škrabánek


6 minutes of reading

How does one go about researching the UX for applications used by thousands, in dozens of countries

Are you no fan of guesswork, either? Do you prefer to verify the information at source, and if at all possible, delve deeper and find out why? Then you are in the same boat as the crew here at ALVAO.

Markéta Kurucová


7 minutes of reading

What is the Service Desk + 7 reasons why it makes life easier for (not just) IT departments

How to prevent IT departments from being overwhelmed by technical requests from other departments? How to solve company-wide issues simply and effectively? And how to effectively present the results of the IT department of the rest of the company. The solution to these goes under the name of the Service...

Jana Mančíková


7 minutes of reading

Interview: Project management with Tomáš Gregor

Tomáš Gregor originally studied dam construction. However, he has spent most of his career managing large projects. In this interview, we talked about why the most important aspect of project management is the human factor and how to handle tense situations.

Jan Škrabánek


9 minutes of reading

Don’t underestimate corporate culture and do gain ambassadors for your project

In an NHL exhibition game in 1969, Ted Green nearly lost his life. A blow with a high stick to his unprotected head caused Ted a serious brain injury. In the Swedish league, they made helmet-wearing mandatory. It was clear that Swedish hockey was safer, yet NHL players still didn’t like helmets. How...

Jan Škrabánek


7 minutes of reading

How ALVAO simplifies the work for L1 support operators

Basic user support (your IT helpdesk) accounts for 70% of how people in the company perceive IT. In other words, IT’s image is all about L1 support. In order to help the resolution team do the kind of work colleagues will appreciate, we’ve provided a number of tweaks at ALVAO for better work organization.

Jana Mančíková


3 minutes of reading

Interview: You can’t be dogmatic about ITIL®. But you won’t find any nonsense in it.

You won’t find a classic salesperson at ALVAO. Nor in the person of Zdeněk Jelínek, who has been in charge of our activities in Slovakia since September. Originally an IT manager and ITIL sceptic, he has become one of the few certified ITIL experts in the Czech Republic. We talked about ITIL 4 and plans...

Jan Škrabánek


5 minutes of reading

It doesn’t pay to overlook dragons. Not even in IT.

‘There's NO Such Thing as a Dragon,’ the mother repeats over and over again in Jack Kent’s charming fairy tale of that name. A small dragon appears in her son Billy’s room in the morning and he runs downstairs to tell her right away. But the mother doesn’t take the news seriously at all. There’s no such...

Jan Škrabánek


5 minutes of reading