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Embrace automation with Advanced Workflows

Managing complex workflows such as employee onboarding or security audits is exhausting. There are so many dependencies and so many people involved. Let the Service Desk handle this work for you. Forward the ticket to the team members, create follow-up tasks, or split the ticket into sub-tasks. 

All this is done automatically based on the ticket status changes. Tasks involving multiple departments will be resolved faster and always according to established workflows.

No-code workflow tool

Customizing workflows does not require hours of coding. Easily configure the processes and quickly eliminate bottlenecks.

Benefits for your workspace

The feature changes your daily work in the following ways:

Faster request resolution

No-code workflow management

Accelerating collaboration between teams

Increase productivity by eliminating human error and redundant communication

How does it work?

Consider the onboarding process, the HR department first creates a request automatically forwarded to management and finance. But let’s say there is another step involved. Some of the accesses need to be approved first. The sub ticket will only get created once the access is approved.

Always up to date

The fact that no coding is involved means that you will go smoothly through upgrades to a new version. No need to pay for external consultancies or internal coding.