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A client’s success story is itself a testimonial

Northeast Kind

I wouldn't call it a ticket system I would call it easily customizable tool to help you communicate with all departments in the company.“

Kellan Lawing, IT Manager, Northeast Kind


"I love the Microsoft integration the most. It just works and makes it easy for me as a customer. When I enroll a device, the ALVAO agent is installed automatically with Autopilot. That's exactly what we need - automation that ensures things are in their correct places."

Scott Baugh, IT director, WIC


"I really liked that on the Power BI dashboard there's a tab for recent searches. I was able to take what people are searching for and build knowledge articles around it. That was fantastic."

Joshua Higaki, Systems Analyst, Ripple Junction

"The new system clearly shows me what each team member is working on. This significantly helps me direct the capacity of the team to the current tasks required by our business."

Radovan Fikr, IT Manager, HARTMANN – RICO

What our customers have to say

Ondrej Vesely | IT manager | SUDOP

"We're well-organized, knowing what and when to address thanks to ALVAO Service Desk. We spot recurring tickets, ensuring users see their ticket history. This streamlines collaboration. With strong management support, if it's not in ALVAO Service Desk, we don't address it."

Tomas Iranek | IT manager | University Hospital Brno

"We needed a tool to enhance cybersecurity, and ALVAO's Asset Management helped us manage systems like healthcare ones. With it, we track all system-related details such as contracts, terminations, suppliers, and infrastructure ensuring smooth hospital critical operations."

Marek Kanak | Head of IT support | Ostrava city

"The ALVAO AI request assistant in Service Desk helps classify similar requests, offering a IT service where we have previously addressed the issue, including proposing ticket solutions. This enables us to handle tickets more efficiently and respond promptly to any security incidents that arise."

 Great ticket management software

ALVAO is very easy to use service desk that has all the features we need for incident, problem and service management. Creating customer workflows and forms is very straightforward compare to our previous solution. Also the integration to Teams, Zabbix and Azure DevOps is something what we use daily and save us tone of time. The support team is one the best what I can meet so far. Keep it up! Read more on G2.

 –⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠  Jan,  programmer, financial controller, economy 

 Administrators follow defined process and workflow

We like the user interface - simplicity. We make full use of what we already pay for as an outlook addin. Alvao integrates very easily with other solutions such as Zabbix. Read more on G2.

–⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠   Pavel J., ERP Administrator

Complex solution to track any kind of assets –⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ not just IT

Flexibility. Configuration offers a lot of options. If there's a scenario that I can't finish with standard configuration there's a standardized library to write customizations that are well maintained. I don't need to worry about software upgrades. Read more on G2.

–⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠   Jozef H., IT manager


Discover how ALVAO has become the single point of contact for the University of Pardubice

Why customers love us

Excellent customer support

From the first contact through the entire journey, we are here to support our customers every step of the way. Moreover, our extensive customer community discusses and reviews all ideas and improvements, allowing our development team to continually enhance ALVAO products.

Focus on Microsoft suite

Are you used to Microsoft 365 but don’t yet have a tool for your helpdesk or professional asset management? Our Asset Management and Service Desk are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, from the user interface and design to various Microsoft apps – Teams, Outlook, Copilot, Power Automate and many more.

Licence model for all

We offer a unique licensing model that assures you that anyone licensed can be both an agent and a requester. This usually means you license all your employees. Each of them can not only raise tickets but also resolve/approve them.

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