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Hardware Asset Management overview

Discover and track hardware assets wherever they are

Find and organize all the workstations (Windows, Linux, macOS), printers, routers, and switches and track assets not yet deployed or disconnected from your network (e.g. on stock). Detect laptops outside the network with agentless or agent-based discovery to obtain important data such as manufacturer, serial number, hard drive capacity, processor, RAM, etc.

Build an accurate Hardware Asset Inventory

Build an accurate Hardware Asset Inventory

With ALVAO, you never have to manually enter or overwrite hardware data. The detection information for each item is automatically updated based on the current status. This leaves no room for error and also helps to fully automate hardware inventory management.

Employee Hardware Asset tracking

Records of employee assets

Get an overview of the hardware and software that goes with it, all from one point of inquiry. All information is immediately available – for technicians as well as end-users, who can see what they have entrusted to them and what it comprises, all revealed by ALVAO.

Streamline asset workflows

Streamline any asset task

Onboarding a new employee typically involves acquiring new equipment such as a mobile phone, laptop, and ID card. ALVAO can assist in automating task distribution to ensure everything is prepared from day one. You can automate the scheduling of regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of items and reduce the risk of downtime caused by technical issues.  

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Key features of ALVAO Hardware Asset Management

Boost your device management with the Microsoft Intune & ALVAO integration

ALVAO and Microsoft Intune work together to provide you with a full visibility of your hardware, giving you unprecedented control over your users, end-stations and devices.


Other ALVAO features for effective Hardware Asset Management

Electronic handover protocols

Get rid of needless stacks of handover dockets and stop drowning in endless paperwork. With digital handover dockets, employees can confirm any changes in asset ownership remotely. 

Learn more about electronic handover protocols

Asset inventory

At ALVAO, you can manage your inventory-taking easily and transparently. We will help you streamline the entire process. With our solution, you can reduce your inventory-taking from months to weeks or days and manage it with a handful of employees. 

Learn more about asset inventory

Leaders in their field use ALVAO

"I love the Microsoft integration the most. It just works and makes it easy for me as a customer. When I enroll a device, the ALVAO agent is installed automatically with Autopilot. That's exactly what we need - automation that ensures things are in their correct places."

Scott Baugh, IT director at WIC

"Now we have a perfect overview of the resources and their users. In addition, these users know exactly what assets they are responsible for and any problem solving takes place faster.” 

Jaroslav Poupal, Head of the IT Helpdesk

“ALVAO is a clear and transparent system and allows us to quickly trace any asset, its properties and current owner.”

Petr Slezák, IT Administrator

“I am now able to justify why I’ll need 1/3 more money this year than last, in order to refresh the hardware. Management receives investment proposals backed by ALVAO figures,” is how Aleš Kamarád  

Aleš Kamarád, Country IT Director

"Navigation devices in particular are error-prone, the service life also depends on the weather and so it mattered greatly to us to have an overview, which of them are still under warranty and which are not. Thanks to Asset Management, we are able to accurately record data and then flexibly respond to situations as they arise."

Marián Podmajerský, Head Of Information Technology Department

The entire organization benefits from a well-arranged asset database

Better user support

In the event of an incident, you have all the information about the problematic device at your fingertips: the end of its warranty period, incident history or where it is on the premises. You can solve problems much faster and don’t keep staff waiting.

Easy budget planning

Having accurate data, you can plan hardware renewals and investments in new technologies down to the last penny. Don’t expect to get your budget approved by management if you rely on incomplete records.

Secure access for all

Your entire department and company can use one tool. With advanced rights management, your users and employees can only see the items and their properties they have the rights to use.

Build hardware and software inventory on a single platform

A well-documented hardware asset is the key to effective software asset management and license optimization.  ALVAO Asset Management empowers you to holistically manage both software and hardware inventory within a single, unified platform. 


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