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Don’t leave equipment lying about in stock

You’ll know exactly where each device is, so none need be wasted in stock. Avoid losing equipment when an employee leaves or you rents-out some assets at a trade fair.

Learn more about benefits of ITAM

HW parameters readily to hand 

With automated detections, you immediately have all the relevant data about each device: HDD capacity, processor type and model, network IP address etc. 

 Asset Lifecycle management

 Get full visibility of all your hardware and manage it effectively throughout the whole lifecycle. This way you will always know when your IT assets are up for maintenance or retirement and you can plan your hardware renewal accordingly.   

Register any assets

With ALVAO, you have complete freedom as to what assets you want to register and what attributes you are interested in. 

Accurate data for HW investment planning

With accurate information, you can safely plan hardware recovery and invest in new technologies. 

Better user support

Confusion breeds user mistrust. Help colleagues quickly deal with problematic devices by having all relevant info to hand: end of warranty period, incident history, equipment location on the premises,  

5 reasons to register your assets in ALVAO Asset Management

Orderly assets are the foundation of a functioning IT department. With this e-book you will discover:

  • That you can control your assets
  • How unified asset records save you time and money
  • How IT order helps you better deal with typical incidents
  • Why asset management is key to budget planning

Download the Guide in PDF