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Connect ALVAO to Microsoft 365 tools

Integrate ALVAO with Microsoft for seamless synergy. Our expertise in crafting Service Desk and Asset Management solutions for Microsoft ensures smooth synchronization with M365 package, enhancing
user-friendliness to its fullest.

Control Service Desk from Outlook

You can create, assign or resolve tickets directly via e-mail, without the annoyance of having to click between applications. Integrate Service Desk within the work environment where you and other users spend most of your time.

Resolve tickets in Teams and boost self-service

 Integration ensures no ticket slips through the cracks, even if it's mentioned casually. Plus, with ALVAO Bot on Teams, assistance is just a message away, 24/7.

Visualize data from ALVAO in Power BI

ALVAO holds a treasure trove of IT metrics and data, from department workload to KPI fulfillment and team performance. Easily visualize this information – integrate ALVAO with Power BI and showcase user-friendly reports to management

Connect IT support with Azure DevOps

Service Desk connected to Azure DevOps connects the IT team with Development. Customer requests, issues or feedback from colleagues reach developers via tickets, which are automatically transferred to the Azure DevOps environment.

Power Automate streamlines repetitive processes

Leave routine and repetitive tasks to Power Automate. With our integration, you can forget about those tasks that needlessly drain time and money.

ALVAO-registered hardware auto-syncs with MS Intune

A change made in Asset Management is immediately reflected in Microsoft Intune. ALVAO synchronizes data between the systems automatically – without your intervention.

Explore additional integrations for Microsoft 365

Integrations simplifies work for dozens of our clients. Book a free appointment.

We run ALVAO on Microsoft Azure

ALVAO, being a SaaS solution, relies on one of the most secure cloud platforms in the world – Microsoft Azure. We’ll take care of the operation, maintenance and transition to the new version of ALVAO so you’ll gain the most comfort and flexibility.

Synchronize accounts from Entra ID to ALVAO

Synchronize user accounts, groups, portraits, and properties to ALVAO and easily manage permissions and group memberships with Entra ID. Microsoft Single Sign-On will allow users convenient access to ALVAO, as well as enable IT to manage application access from one location.

Data from Configuration Management will complement records from ALVAO

Enrich ALVAO data with SCCM records. Get more detailed insight into devices, software, and cloud resources.

SharePoint accessible from Service Desk simplifies working with attachments

You can create a file and save to the folder of your choice directly from the issue ticket. You can also attach existing folders and their contents to requests. And if you have a SharePoint knowledge base, you can import it directly into ALVAO.

Resource or event reservation unified with Microsoft Exchange

It works, whether you have a mobile phone or an open laptop in your hand, using Outlook or another email client. With Microsoft Exchange integration, you automatically connect to emails, calendar, events, and booking resources from any device.

Tasks in ALVAO are automatically copied to Microsoft To Do

In Service Desk, you can create a list of tasks and activities that need to be solved as part of the ticket. Microsoft To Do will automatically notify you when these tasks are fulfilled. Integration thus ensures that no task is overlooked.

Simplify your work and integrate ALVAO into your systems

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Pre-built ALVAO integration into your systems

Do you use different programs across your organization? Connect their data to ALVAO. Automatic synchronization saves you time and simplifies use.

AI Request Assistant speeds up the solution of user requests

Optimize the management and resolution of requests with the AI Request Assistant. Integration into Service Desk offers solvers and users specific suggestions and recommendations on how to solve the problem and provides solvers with a summary of information about the ticket.

Tickets from JIRA are automatically synchronized to Service Desk

Connect JIRA to ALVAO. Requirements, solution statuses and anything else are automatically transferred from one system to the other.

Messages from SAP are automatically written to ALVAO

Email messages sent from the SAP system turn into automatically created requests in Service Desk.

Assets from Helios are automatically imported into Asset Management

Import asset data from the Helios system into ALVAO Asset Management.

Effortless collaboration with ALVAO-Dynamics data Synchronization

Synchronizing data between ALVAO and Dynamics enables various teams using different systems to collaborate with up-to-date information.

BMC Remedy integrated with ALVAO simplifies the implementation of ITIL processes

Service Desk connected to BMC Remedy will ensure the integration of ITIL processes – Incident Management, Change Management and Problem Management – within your organization.

Synchronise assets and manage alerts

Prevent service outages and unexpected events in your infrastructure with automatic event reporting from Nagios to ALVAO. In addition, the data can also be used to load device parameters into Asset Management

Remote device support with TeamViewer

Connect with a user and their device from a ticket or asset management item in a snap. This will help resolve issues and make necessary changes to the device faster.

Managing alerts from Zabbix in ALVAO

ALVAO automatically creates tickets from Zabbix alerts in case of failure or inconsistent behavior of various IT components, including servers, virtual machines, etc.

OrcaScan connected to ALVAO speeds up annual inventory

Asset inventory is simplified by the OrcaScan mobile application connected to ALVAO Asset Management.

Illustrating ALVAO Integration with Easy Redmine, CA SDM, OTRS, and iTop Technologies

Discover a wide range of fully configurable and ready-to-use integrations with ALVAO


Consultation team

If you're interested in learning how you can integrate ALVAO into your system and how we can assist in automating your processes, don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us.