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ALVAO for Teams integration: Optimizing IT support with fresh features

Exciting news! We've been working hard on enhancing the integration of ALVAO Service Desk into Microsoft Teams to bring you a seamless IT support and user experience

Jana Mancikova


1 minute of reading

User experience of ALVAO IT Service Management platform

Being associated with the service desk for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to work on different ITSM tools such as Remedy 6.5, 7.1, ICD, Maximo, and ServiceNow. ALVAO was the most different among all that I have worked with so far. So, let's look at some of the key features of ALVAO that make...

Mukesh Sharma


3 minutes of reading

"ITIL 4 focuses on the ‘people side’ of things way more"

Philip Hearsum is one of the ITIL 4 lead architects. We spoke with him about why we needed a revised ITIL and how both IT and non-IT departments can benefit from it.

Lucie Rozmarinova


6 minutes of reading

“LEAN IT is a set of techniques and approaches to help businesses with continuous improvement...”

Peter Hubbard is one of the main consultants of the prestigious Pink Elephant company. He has 20 years of experience in IT Service Management at companies like Rolls Royce, Heinz and British Petroleum. He speaks regularly at major industry conferences. He was the keynote speaker at ALVAO Inspiration...

Lucie Rozmarinova


5 minutes of reading

Benefits of ITAM (IT Asset Management)

Having your assets under control is at the heart of a functioning IT department. Whether you’re addressing security, planning the budget for the upcoming period, or selecting suppliers, a reliable overview of assets is a must. Still, plenty of IT managers don’t know how many company computers they are...

Lucie Rozmarinova


7 minutes of reading

How to improve your workflow and not let it slip

Workflow is another bit of jargon that has found its way into everyday language and is here for keeps, at least in the business environment. Naturally, companies are looking for ways to ensure that work ‘flows smoothly’ without unnecessary interruptions, loss of information, and paperwork. In today’s...

Lucie Rozmarinova


7 minutes of reading

Handover protocols: relic, necessary evil or opportunity?

Although most organizations still cling to signing-off handover protocols, a growing number are backing away from all that. Having reviewed the costs associated with signing and archiving paper protocols, they were found to be uneconomical.

Lucie Rozmarinova


9 minutes of reading