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ALVAO shines at SITS 2023 in London

Again, ALVAO marked its presence at the much-anticipated Service Desk Show in London – a gathering of ITSM professionals from around the world. Throughout the event, we had the pleasure of connecting with a diverse array of visitors.
Jana Mančíková

28. 5. 2023

Our team engaged with attendees, delving deep into their specific challenges and pain points. It was an invaluable experience, allowing us to tailor our solutions to the real-world needs of IT professionals

However, ALVAO didn't just participate; we grabbed the opportunity to not only present our new features in our ITSM tool, which include IT Asset Management and Service Desk, but also to gain valuable insights into the latest trends in IT Service Management.

Our mission is rooted in creating a seamlessly integrated ITSM tool within the Microsoft 365 environment, and during this event, we proudly introduced the following enhancements within our robust IT Service Management tool.

Pioneering integration with Microsoft 365

At the heart of our mission lies the creation of a seamlessly integrated ITSM tool within the Microsoft 365 environment. We proudly introduced following news within our robust IT Service Management tool.

Service Desk in Microsoft Teams with ease

One of our most exciting developments is the integration of our Service Desk with Microsoft Teams. This integration ensures that your IT support team can feel the full power of collaboration and communication, right within their existing workspace.

Using Artificial Intelligence for faster resolutions

But our commitment to innovation doesn't stop at integration. We incorporated artificial intelligence into our Service Desk. This cutting-edge addition is designed to expedite the resolution process, making it both faster and more straightforward.

Asset Management that saves you money – no need to break the bank

In the realm of Asset Management, ALVAO continues to stand out with our M365 license report as a part of our IT Asset Management. This powerful report helps organizations optimize their Microsoft 365 licenses, potentially saving them a significant amount of money.

In conclusion, ALVAO's presence at SITS 2023 was marked by innovation and engagement. We showcased our commitment to delivering the most cutting-edge solutions in the world of IT Service Management. With Microsoft 365 integration, artificial intelligence, and cost-saving Asset Management, ALVAO is not just keeping up with industry trends – we're setting them.

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