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What’s new in ALVAO 11.1 regarding Asset Management: Overview of improvements and new features

The new version of ALVAO 11.1 brings a number of innovations and improvements to the Asset Management product. In the previous News about ALVAO 11.1 we focused on news that are common to Asset Management and Service Desk. In this post, we will introduce you to other significant news related only to Asset Management.
Jana Mancikova

19. 4. 2023

All devices in Intune under your control

Simply connect ALVAO to Microsoft Intune. In ALVAO you will always have up-to-date information about all devices, whether they are computers with different operating systems, iOS or Android mobile phones or other smart devices. You will also find technical details there, such as RAM capacity, the type of operating system, etc.

all  information about all devices

Object attachments, at your fingertips

On the new Attachments tab, you can now attach all the necessary files and links to the web or to other systems to objects. Because of this, you no longer have to create new documents in the documents register. You can still use the documents, though – you’ll find them under the same tab.

ALVAO Object attachments

New documents register

A completely new documents register in the web application replaces the previous records, which were accessible only in the AM Console. All documents, delivery notes, certificates, invoices, photos, user manuals, etc. can now be found within a modern and friendly web application setting.

documents register

Ready for your development and growth

Add custom commands and bookmarks to the object page to help you solve common tasks. Use ready-made applications, which you can modify, or even create completely new ones. Right there on the computer page in the web application you can have information about technical support from the computer manufacturer website, or the page of the computer in MS Intune, knowledge-base articles related to the given device type, or a building layout showing the current location of the device.

custom commands and bookmarks to the object page

Barcode printing

If you use barcode readers at work, you can display the relevant data in handover protocols and other print reports as bar codes, e.g. handover protocol number, inventory numbers, etc.

Barcode printing

More features in a web app

Many of the tasks that previously required you to install the AM Console desktop application on your PC are now performed directly in an easily accessible web application. A Software tab has been added to the object page.

You can now also bulk move and delete objects, as well as manage their properties definitions.

features in a web app

More about ALVAO 11.1 news

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