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software and license management

Software management – simply and swiftly with a professional solution

Gain full control over individual software products or software packages and associated licenses to minimize compliance risks. ALVAO delivers a consolidated view of all the software, licenses, and subscriptions in your organization, eliminating the complexity of software asset management. 

Leveraging agentless or agent-based network scanning methods, along with seamless integration with other toolsets (SCCM, InTune,...), you'll always have up-to-date data at your fingertips.

Application lifecycle management

Application lifecycle management

With ALVAO, you can effectively manage the entire software lifecycle in one place - from acquisition to disposal. Ensure you maximize the value of your software investments. 

Microsoft 365 license optimization

Save on Microsoft 365 licenses

ALVAO accurately tracks Microsoft 365 license usage and reveals cost-saving opportunities. Easily identify disabled and inactive users, and those eligible for downgrading licenses. Optimize your M365 licensing for savings of 20-30%, improving your bottom line.

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Software License Management

ALVAO's Software Asset Management (SAM) provides a comprehensive overview and features for managing your software licenses. You can also manage various deployment models and contracts in one place.

Automatic detection of pirate software and unlicensed software

Get automatic reminders for any security and compilance issues

ALVAO's built-in software scanning feature identifies unsupported software and detects unlicensed software, which could pose compliance and security risks. You can receive notifications about identified issues in the form of an HTML table or CSV file. 

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Software and license audit report

Stay compliant and be audit-ready

ALVAO provides a consolidated view of the software in use, unlicensed software, type of licensing, and their expiration. This ensures that your usage matches your contracts and that you are always prepared for software audits.

More benefits of ALVAO Software Asset Management

Track software license pricing

ALVAO can help predict the financial impact of software licensing compliance. If the detection reveals missing licenses, ALVAO automatically calculates the cost of purchasing the missing licenses based on the prices submitted for each license item.

Standardization of software by role

Simplify software management with role-based profiles to ensure users always have necessary software. For instance, if all accountant need Microsoft 365 and specialized accounting software, ALVAO will automatically alert the sysadmin if the detected software doesn't match the user's profil.

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Better cybersecurity

With ALVAO Asset Management you have a detailed overview of all the software used and so can easily detect vulnerabilities, including risky applications that may pose a security threat.

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Always up-to-date library of software products

The library of software products that underpins software detection is updated with hundreds of titles every week. Since we have data from hundreds of thousands of devices, we are capable of identifying products that are otherwise unique on the market.  

Leaders in their field use ALVAO to keep track of software

Build an Accurate Hardware Inventory with ALVAO

The basis of effective software management is well-tracked hardware. Software detection and license assignment cannot work well without the hardware the application runs on being properly registered.

In ALVAO Asset Management, you can manage both software and hardware. 

Our solution for IT asset management helps you align all your hardware and software support and maintenance. With ALVAO you will more effectively manage processes, risks, purchases, investments and accounting.


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Unleash the power of ALVAO Software Asset Management in your organization

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Business Development Manager

Book an appointment today and let us introduce you to the powerful capabilities of ALVAO Software Asset Management. Experience how it can significantly improve software and license visibility within your organization, leading to better cost optimization, compliance, and overall efficiency.