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Software management – simply and swiftly with a professional solution

A modern business cannot do without a Software Asset Management and Control (SAM) tool. To effectively manage software assets and minimize illegal software installations, you need a modern solution.

With our software management tool – ALVAO Asset Management, you get an overview of the licenses and software that users have on their entrusted equipment. The tool detects all software and works automatically in the background.

Putting an end to pirated software and shadow IT

Shadow IT and unlicensed software from unverified sources pose a risk to the security of corporate networks and infrastructure. Moreover, organizations are exposed to the possibility of substantial financial penalties during audits. ALVAO offers automated software detection, providing a comprehensive overview of installations on company hardware, including external devices. When unauthorized or unsafe software is detected, ALVAO promptly issues a warning, enabling proactive mitigation. 

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Unlock hidden cost savings on Microsoft 365 licenses

ALVAO seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 administration, accurately tracking license usage and revealing cost-saving opportunities. Easily identify disabled and inactive users, and those eligible for downgrading licenses. Optimize your M365 licensing for savings of 20-30%, improving your bottom line.

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Software License Management

The tool for Software Asset Management (SAM) from ALVAO works as a repository documenting installed software and purchased licenses.

Software audits made easy

ALVAO will automatically notify you of incomplete data, unlicensed software or an outdated device license. Asset management with ALVAO always offers readily available audit data, in just a few clicks.

And if you do find a lapse, you can address the audit caution in ALVAO, just like the holding company PPA CONTROLL does. 

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Key benefits of ALVAO Asset Management Software

IT Asset Management with rights-driven access throughout

Your entire department and company can use one tool. With advanced rights management, users and employees see only the items and properties assigned to them.

Always up-to-date library of software products

The library of software products that underpins software detection is updated with hundreds of titles every week. Since we have data from hundreds of thousands of devices, we are capable of identifying products that are otherwise unique on the market.  

Better cybersecurity

With ALVAO Asset Management you have a detailed overview of all the software used and so can easily detect vulnerabilities, including risky applications that may pose a security threat.

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SaaS & On-premises

You can purchase the solution as a perpetual license with operation on your own servers, or leave the operation and maintenance to us in the form of a SaaS solution, running on Microsoft Azure, always with the latest version of the product - you can also terminate your subscription at any time. 

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Leaders in their field use ALVAO to keep track of software

One single Asset Management tool keeps track of software and hardware

The basis of effective software management is well-documented hardware. Software detection and license assignment cannot work well without the hardware the application runs on being properly registered.

In ALVAO Asset Management, you can manage both software and hardware.

Our solution for IT asset management helps you align all your hardware and software support and maintenance. With ALVAO you will more effectively manage processes, risks, purchases, investments and accounting.

How Hardware asset management works in ALVAO

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