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Why start using Azure OpenAI on ALVAO?

Increase customer satisfaction

Highly personalized responses and faster solutions to user requests take customer satisfaction to a new level.   

Boost productivity and efficiency

Automated ticket classification, data analysis and hyper-automated workflows enable faster processing of repetitive tasks across the organization, eliminating human error and agent burden. 

Deliver better self-service

Make it easy for users to resolve requests with a virtual assistant that works 24/7, understands natural language and can handle basic requests without human intervention. 

AI-powered IT Service Management is here 

Experience a new generation of ITSM powered by artificial intelligence to maximize service efficiency and free your team from the limitations of legacy IT tools. 

Detection of major incidents

Proactively identify similarities between the latest incidents and changes in IT infrastructure to quickly detect critical issues and major incidents. 



Root cause analysis

In the event of an incident, AI Assistant performs an in-depth root cause analysis across affected services and devices. This makes it easier to identify the likely cause of the problem and resolve the incident faster.  


Similarity search

Analyses text to identify connections between tickets, services, and knowledge articles, recommending relevant content (e.g. similar resolved ticket) and suggesting actions for the agent to take.  


AI image recognition

AI image recognition

ALVAO can recognize different file formats using OCR technology and communicate their contents. This feature saves time and makes your work easier, for example when dealing with specific error messages. 

Optimize incident management with AI Request Assist

Ticket summarization

Understand lengthy user input and complex communication between multiple users in a ticket at a glance. This will save you time and help you solve tickets more quickly.    

Summarizing requests using AI

Auto-solving tickets

Leverage AI for autonomous ticket analysis to provide reliable end-user support and problem resolution for routine issues allowing agents to focus on more complex and meaningful interactions. 

Improved service experience with ALVAO & Copilot Integration

Streamline your work across ALVAO and Microsoft 365 with Copilot. The autonomous capabilities of Copilot provide an improved experience for end-users while saving time and boosting productivity of agents and operations team.  


Microsoft Outlook for ALVAO Microsoft Teams for ALVAO

More ALVAO AI Assistant features

Fast delivery, easy implementation

Harness the power of AI without requiring any expertise in ML or data science. Our solution is delivered out-of-the-box, without the need for further learning, customization or setup. 

Natural language understanding

Assistant enables you to communicate with NLU in the same way you would with a colleague. NLU comprehends each request by identifying the intent and any accompanying details, allowing you to make requests effortlessly. 

Sentiment analysis

Understand employee sentiment and automatically generate appropriate responses to ensure excellent customer service and higher customer satisfaction.  

Data protection and control

ALVAO Assistant only operates with trained scenarios and does not use your data for further training - all securely protected by Azure Cloud. 

Organisations where AI Assistant has made IT Service Management easier

"ALVAO's AI Assistant provides us with all the necessary information at the click of a button, enabling us to handle requests more efficiently and quickly. And this, of course, reflects positively on the satisfaction of our end users."

Marek Kanak, Head of department IT support, OVANET a.s.

"Using AI in ALVAO significantly improves the efficiency of solving complex tickets. The system automatically retrieves important information from previous tickets and summarizes communication into concise sentences, saving valuable time and resolving requests faster. We are excited for further development to assist even more."

Michal Toman, End User Services Manager, LINET

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Business Development Manager

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