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Key benefits of ChatGPT integration

Say goodbye to the headache of manual ticket management.

Improved employee experience

A quick ticket overview and personalized suggestions make IT services exceptional. 

Quick & easy ticket resolution

No more difficult browsing through tickets finding what is going on.

Smooth agent-user communication

Thanks to the integration, communication becomes easier, resulting in a better IT team's reputation.

Experience exceptional support that benefits both your agents and users alike

Fully automated request management

Fully automated request management

With ChatGPT, ticket resolution is effortless thanks to automatic analysis of ticket log history and relevant resources that provide accurate solutions. This not only saves operators valuable time but also offers 24/7 support to users. Faster ticket resolution significantly impacts change management, as each suggested solution affects the time each agent spends on resolving a ticket.

Simplified and concise communication

Simplified and concise communication

Instead of exhaustive reading through the ticket history to get an overview of the situation. With ChatGPT, a brief summary of the ticket, from the problem to the resolution, is just a click away. No more exhaustive reading is required.

ALVAO is tuned for Microsoft 365

Do you want to maximize the value of your investment 100%? We develop our tools for the Microsoft 365 context, both in terms of integration and user adoption. Using our products is much like MS Office – users find it familiar straight away. ALVAO works directly through extensions to Microsoft products already used across your business. See more of our integrations!

IT Service Management begins by connecting the right tools

We develop our products as an integrated solution because they work best together – as ITSM.

Clear asset records immediately available to all who need them

Say goodbye to cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and cluttered asset records. Get a centralized overview of all software and hardware, from purchase to retirement. With Asset Management, you know exactly what assets you have, who is responsible for each, and where they are located. 

A single point of contact for all company tasks and requests

Streamline request management with our ITIL-aligned Service Desk. Put an end to unnecessary emails or phone calls. Requests from the whole company are automatically sorted and go to the right solvers with clearly defined priority (SLA). Move beyond simple troubleshooting and maximize your department’s potential.  

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