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Automated Actions

Automating manual work such as reassigning tickets at a certain stage or assigning objectives significantly increases your workflow. Also, you can automate a lot of periodically recurring work such as escalating incidents, creating events, sending ticket rating emails, etc.

Custom Commands

Do you need a button to trigger specific actions related to your workflow? Create task-specific commands using our templates and customize the user interface to your needs.

Custom Forms

You can tailor forms to specific needs using templates or JavaScript. Add calculated fields, limit field visibility based on role, or pre-fill the fields with information from Active Directory.

Custom Tabs

Create custom tabs available on click with each ticket. This can be a custom page in the ALVAO WebApp, an external parameterized link such as a map showing ticket-specific location, etc.

Code Editor

The easy-to-use code editor allows you to edit code directly in the application.

Everyone who uses Alvao Service Desk will benefit from custom applications​

Administering your customizations has never been easier

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive user interface provides an easy way to add or remove apps, track their status, or code new features.

Library of Apps

Choose apps from an ever-expanding library of customizations created by our large customer base.

Smooth upgrades

Since all custom apps use supported code from our library they don’t fail when you upgrade to the latest version of ALVAO.

Connected Workplace

The information should travel smoothly in the modern workplace. Integrate ALVAO with the rest of your ecosystem using Service Desk Custom Apps and Service Desk Enterprise API.