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Over 20 years on the market  

We are still growing, innovating and actively reaching out beyond Central Europe. And we want to expand even further. Nevertheless, we are proud of the values that sustain our services at the highest professional and interpersonal level.

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What we do

We develop 100% Microsoft 365-focused software that helps businesses better organize their internal departments and manage relationships with users of in-house services. We heed the needs of our customers and keep our eye on the ball, strongly goal oriented. This has led us to refining our solution so it works for you, as you work with it.

Whether it’s planning tasks, resolving incidents, coordinating complex processes or keeping assets in order – all this has become much easier for hundreds of our customers. ALVAO solves your problems intuitively and makes your work more efficient; be it in marketing, human resources or other areas of your business.

More about our products

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Going strong, since 1999

We have been on the IT market since our inception, founded by two graduates, over 20 years ago. During that time, we have done more than 1,000 successful implementations in medium-sized and large companies, such as Linet, Hartmann Rico or oncomed.

Some of these have even won us prestigious awards, from itSMF Czech Republic and CACIO. Moreover, ALVAO has been ranked among the TOP 5 ITIL solutions by the independent organizations Alexos and Pink Elephant. In 2021 we also won the Microsoft Awards, in the Community Response Award category, where our solution for the Slovak Rescue Service came ahead of hundreds of projects considered.

Certifications and awards

Alvao conference

We are a pillar of the ITSM community

Managing IT and services is what we love to do. We like to solve our users’ specific practical issues, so actively participate in professional conferences, contribute to professional magazines and keep ourselves well informed. We are a pillar of the ITSM community and proud of it.

We also try to keep in constant touch with our customers in person. Every year we organize the ALVAO Inspiration Day conference, where our customers have the opportunity to share how ALVAO helps them in their business, and so inspire others. We are also preparing webinars, where customers can contribute their ideas toward future product development, to make sure we suit their needs as best we can.

20 years on the market

Our values

Each of our employees is guided by a set of values that drives our decision-making and behaviour towards customers, as well as each other.

  • We believe in fair dealing and cooperation. We know that truth and good manners prevail.
  • We deliver what we promise. And we promise only what we can fulfil.
  • We see each and every customer as a partner. We listen to you, help solve your problems and simplify your work. We strive to be your professional supplier and your trusted partner, too. We delight in forming friendships.

More about our vision and values

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We are a dynamically growing company with major customers like Sazka, Czech TV and Hartmann Rico. We offer opportunities to work in a friendly team setting, in a company that develops its own innovative solutions.  

Become a partner

We offer cooperation in the sale of the ALVAO system and related services.


Care to know how ALVAO will help you improve the operation of your department? Contact us.

We help companies to better organize their internal departments and manage relationships with in-house services users. Get rid of unnecessary manual work. Arrange a no-obligation meeting with an ALVAO consultant.