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User experience of ALVAO IT Service Management platform

Being associated with the service desk for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to work on different ITSM tools such as Remedy 6.5, 7.1, ICD, Maximo, and ServiceNow. ALVAO was the most different among all that I have worked with so far. So, let's look at some of the key features of ALVAO that make it very different from other conventional ITSM tools.
Mukesh Sharma

2. 10. 2023

The User-Friendly Interface That Sets Itself Apart

ALVAO's user-friendly and customizable interface is very impressive  - and frankly, it's one of the main things that sets it apart from all other tools. The homepage looks like a search engine that can find any IT-related solution or article. Furthermore, ALVAO's user interface is very similar to Microsoft's tools, which meant that I could navigate and work within it very easily.  

User friendly interface of ALVAO self-service portal

Cross-Functional Platform

Unlike legacy ITSM systems which only support the IT function of an organization, ALVAO provides a platform for services and support from all other functions such as HR, administration, facilities, etc. into a single tool, making it a one-stop solution for all functions. It also provides ease of service to teams where cross-functional engagement is required.

Technical Integration and Easy Access to IT

ALVAO provides seamless technical integration and the ability to integrate ITSM functions with software asset management, Azure Active Directory, and other business apps with API. Also provides a variety of build integrations f.e. with Outlook and Teams allowing easy access to IT and its functions in applications that users use as their primary communication channel

ALVAO's integrations

Customization Without the Hassle of Coding

ALVAO's customizable UI makes it one of its best features. One can choose to customize a range of features starting from page layout, ticket forms, service catalog, and various other options that help an organization set up features according to their needs without coding or vendor support.  

Digital Service Desk Features

Service desk features within ALVAO are notable and revolutionize the service desk experience for users and the support staff. Starting from CMDB, which not only acts as a conventional database but with its vivid visualization also draws logical links between configuration items that help identify the root cause. The single interface approach simplifies managing tickets from Outlook or Teams. Smart ticket routing and intelligent ticket forms are a few of the many unique features available within the service desk function.

ALVAO's Journey of Continuous Improvement

Since its inception, ALVAO has been on the journey of continuous improvement, constantly bringing in enhancements/changes to match the technical advancements in the industry. While there have been significant improvements, I would like to see the following enhancements/changes that will further strengthen its platform:

  • In-depth Analytics: In-depth analytics to be made available across incident/service requests which can provide additional information related to history/related issues.
  • Additional Social Media Channels Interface: In addition to Outlook and Teams, it would be helpful to also provide means to integrate and make support available via other social media channels/platforms.
  • Enhanced Dashboards: Additional enhancements around reporting and dashboards will make reporting easier and more insightful.

To Summarize

ALVAO meets the need for a digital modernized ITSM platform and is a one-stop solution to manage support and services across all functions in an organization.

Want to learn more about how ALVAO can help you streamline your IT service management? Schedule a free meeting with our consultant today.