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What’s new in ALVAO 11.1 for Service Desk: Overview of improvements and new features

The new version of ALVAO 11.1 brings a number of innovations and improvements to the Service Desk product. In the previous post News in ALVAO 11.1 we focused on news that are common to Service Desk and Asset Management. In this post, we will introduce you to other important news related only to Service Desk.
Jana Mančíková

20. 4. 2023

The bot is on call 24x7

The bot never takes a break and is ready to help your users during normal working hours and beyond. Working directly in MS Teams, it offers users relevant up-to-date news, articles from the knowledge base, provides information about their existing requirements or offers a suitable service for creating a new request.

ALVAO Bot can help 24/7

User availability at a glance

Based on the familiar user portrait icon, ALVAO now lets you see at once whether your colleague is currently busy or available for a possible call or quick chat. You already know this icon from Microsoft 365 apps and its meaning is exactly the same in ALVAO.

icon from Microsoft 365 apps same in ALVAO

Start a conversation in Teams

Chat is becoming increasingly popular with users. In many cases, this is the most effective way to communicate. Instead of complicated clicking over from ALVAO to the MS Teams window and searching for the user, you can now directly click on the Start Chat icon in ALVAO, which opens the Teams window for a direct chat with the user.

start conversation in Teams

Requests straight from a Teams chat

Do users send their requests to MS Teams instead of creating them in ALVAO? Create ALVAO requests directly from received messages in Teams.

Requests from Teams

Service Desk in your pocket

Do you need to get out into the field and check a server, pick up equipment from the warehouse or repair some computer at the remote end of your premises? We are preparing a new mobile application for you, in which to find and also record all the necessary information.

Compared to having the web application displayed on your phone, the mobile application is more user-friendly and simplifies your work whenever you don’t have your computer to hand.

Service Desk in mobile application

Leave the drudgery to Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a proven automation platform that allows you to integrate various systems and applications. Run integration processes in other systems directly from requests in ALVAO or perform automated operations on ALVAO requests, based on actions in other systems. It’s easy with the new Power Automate connector! One example is the automatic creation of a user account in Azure Active Directory based on the approval of a new employee’s onboarding, or the automatic creation of a request in ALVAO based on alerts in Azure Application Insights.

Microsoft Power Automate

Even small details matter

In the new version you will find other interesting improvements to make everyday work easier:

  • With the new Find in Journal command, you can quickly search request communication to find all you’re looking for.

quick search

  • Thanks to the new Requester view on the Communication tab, you’ll get an overview of all communication with the requester.
  • You can now divide the new request form into sections to make it clearer and easier for users to understand.
  • Users can now go from requests to useful knowledge base articles, with one click.
    from requests to useful knowledge

More about ALVAO 11.1 news

Do you want to know what the latest version of ALVAO 11.1 brings? Don’t hesitate to find out more about what the new version can offer you: