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Software without a blemish across the organization

You decide which software you want the Assistant to keep an eye on. For example, you can start from the most expensive software – where unlicensed installations have the highest audit fines – and gradually broaden control to cheaper tiers.

software control with ALVAO SAM Assistant

Keeping your licenses in order is cheaper than an audit fine

SAM Assistant scans for any pirated software during regular detection. Thanks to the ALVAO database of software products, which contains thousands of applications and is regularly expanded, you can be sure that you will not miss anything. The assistant recognizes any program and it is up to you whether you enable it or add it to the ‘blacklist’.

How SAM Assistant works

SAM Assistant records unlicensed software

The Assistant will notify you every time if it discovers unlicensed software. It automatically sends an e-mail to the person responsible for the software on the given computer. Either to the user, if s/he is responsible for those programs, or to the software administrators in the IT department.

Re-scanning a rogue computer

The Assistant detects the installed software on the computer daily. You immediately know if there is unlicensed software left on your computer or if the problem has been resolved.

An incident in the Service Desk alerts you to a problem

If the problem is not resolved, the Assistant sends a notification to the supervisor or directly creates an incident in your Service Desk according to the set workflow.

license control with ALVAO SAM Assistant

Predefined emails and free alternatives to expensive software

By means of automated emails from the SAM Assistant, you will instruct users to uninstall unlicensed software or, better still, reinstall with an equivalent that is free or licensed by your organization. You save time and don’t keep fielding questions about what people should use instead.

Unify all software across the organization

The Assistant helps you unify software in your organization. Avoid using a whole range of products for the same purpose – with our Assistant, employees will get skilled in using one approved product, and you will also save on licenses because you will only allocate them where they are needed.

Reports for IT departments and Management from Reporting Services

Get automated reports. Easy-to-read data will show you how much software you have, how it’s covered by licenses, how it’s been logged, how many licenses are missing, and qhat quantity you’ll need to buy.

ALVAO reports will reach you by e-mail, in pdf, and you can set up their automatic sending to line or top management.


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