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Accelerate asset handover

Electronic handover forms allow you to confirm information about entrusted assets electronically without ever leaving your workplace. These speeds up the process significantly, especially for companies with a distributed workforce.

No more storing stacks of paper dockets

Archiving asset handover forms in paper boxes means you need to rummage through paper files whenever you need to trace a record.

Benefits of Electronic Handover Forms

Confirming entrusted assets takes just a few clicks. This allows you to:

  • Streamline the signing process
  • Save time for all involved
  • Reduce costs and save the environment
  • Improve employee onboarding experience
  • Make sure employees are not leaving without returning the assets first

Enhance convenience with your digital signature

Sign the form with your digital signature by using a touch screen to simplify handover in person.

Everything in One Place

You can easily manage inventory changes and instantly view all handover forms for a given user or device, including complete history.

Single source of certainty about all assets

Having proper asset lifecycle management in place means it gives you better visibility of all the assets entrusted to your employees. Learn more about ALVAO Asset Management.