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Staff can confirm their receipt of assets remotely

This ALVAO Asset Management feature saves you time and energy chasing around the office. These days there are fewer and fewer people coming into their offices, working remotely instead. Go with the trend and make your life easier by means of electronic handover protocols – you will save time and money.

How it works

Asset Management creates the asset handover document. The user receives an email with a link to the document created. They then click through to the ALVAO portal and click here to confirm the receipt.

The handover protocol in the Asset Management

Paperless handover do away with hefty paper binders

All relevant data such as the handover date, the transferor, and the recipient get filled in through Asset Management. The data is automatically copied into the handover protocol, which you send to the employee.

You never have to print any unnecessary paper or personally deal with the handover. The handover protocol is stored in the Asset Management database as well as a pdf document. With ALVAO you will save having to create and keep cluttered files of printed protocols year on year, and thus help your company’s sustainability drive. Yet, if needed by accountants, you can print the record out at any time.

Tailor-made asset handover protocols

Electronic handover protocols can be effectively used for – loan of assets to new joiners or its return on leaving, as well as issuing some assets or anything else to meet a requirement during their working for the organization. We have predefined handover protocol templates that we will tailor to your needs.

Two-factor signature authentication

To ensure maximum security, two-factor authentication can be set up when acknowledging the handover of assets, so that your legal department will also approves such digitization. Instead of a signature, there is a button for the user to click and then enter a password, to confirm receipt.

All information in one place

Manage asset-related changes with just a few clicks. IT departments and users can see any changes and documentation about an employee’s entrusted assets in real-time. IT has a valid record of whether or not a given user has returned entrusted assets and an overview of what exactly had been handed over to them.

digital signature on electronic handover form

Handover sign-off using a tablet

Do you want an effective and fast solution, but aren’t yet ready to give up physical signatures and replace them with a button, and hence you want a more conservative solution? We will customize ALVAO for you, using the equivalent of on-paper signatures. The only difference – the user signs on a tablet, and their signature is copied to the handover protocol in ALVAO Asset Management.

Handover protocols linked to your Service Desk

Electronic handover protocols work as a separate module with ALVAO Asset Management, but you will get maximum benefit in conjunction with the Service Desk.

ALVAO Asset Management and its module take care of the technicalities – issuing the handover protocol, and allocating assets to employees...

The subsequent confirmation of asset handover will arrive at the Service Desk. Everything is done to a predefined workflow that automates the request life cycle.

All communication and notifications will take place in the ALVAO Service Desk (or your own helpdesk system), connected to ALVAO Asset Management.

Within ALVAO Service Desk, the user can validate the assets listed against them and in case of discrepancies can raise a request or inquiry with IT.

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