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Key benefits of ALVAO for Outlook

Use anywhere, anytime

The integration is compatible with both desktop and online applications, so you can use it on any operating system whether Windows, Linux or macOS.

No more cumbersome switching between apps

Relieve the pain of constantly switching between apps.

Everything you need in one place

Be where your users are and streamline the issue reporting process for them. The integration makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

 Get onside with your users

Do users keep contacting you via email and bypassing Service Desk? Get on their side. Thanks to the Add-in, you have the full power and all the features from ALVAO Service Desk in Outlook.


Create requests directly from emails

Create requests directly from emails

Create a request directly from an incoming message and assign to a solver—or attach the message to an existing one. Keep all your communication together in one place and lose nothing by switching between apps. Using the Add-in will not lose formatting or images. Everything gets stored in Service Desk in the same form as the formatted email.

With ALVAO for Outlook, you can see the entire ticket history

Get history and complete overview of the ticket in a single click

Stay in Outlook and don’t waste time and attention on cross-platform transitions. With one click in the e-mail you see the ticket, its complete history and attached information/files. Everything you’ve been doing in the Service Desk web app you can do in Outlook.

ALVAO for Outlook to create meetings related to the ticket

Preparing for meetings has never been easier

Schedule events in Outlook based on tickets. Always know what’s going to be talked about – you can see the request history, past conversations, and email correspondence. And if you don’t get everything done during the meeting, you can simply schedule the next one directly from the request.

ALVAO is tuned for Microsoft 365

Do you want to maximize the value of your investment 100%? We develop our tools for the Microsoft 365 context, both in terms of integration and user adoption. Using our products is much like MS Office – users find it familiar straight away. ALVAO works directly through extensions to Microsoft products already used across your business. See more of our integrations!

ALVAO for Microsoft Teams  ALVAO reports in Power BI

IT Service Management begins by connecting the right tools

We develop our products as an integrated solution because they work best together – as ITSM.

Clear asset records immediately available to all who need them

Say goodbye to cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and cluttered asset records. Get a centralized overview of all software and hardware, from purchase to retirement. With Asset Management, you know exactly what assets you have, who is responsible for each, and where they are located. 

A single point of contact for all company tasks and requests

Streamline request management with our ITIL-aligned Service Desk. Put an end to unnecessary emails or phone calls. Requests from the whole company are automatically sorted and go to the right solvers with clearly defined priority (SLA). Move beyond simple troubleshooting and maximize your department’s potential.  

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Ready to take the next step with expanding Service Desk to your Microsoft Outlook?

Jan Skrabanek

Business Development Manager

Take advantage of this opportunity and let us demonstrate how ALVAO for Outlook can effectively address your challenges.

  • Get the entire Service Desk into your mailbox.
  • Create tickets directly from the mailbox.
  • Streamline workflow by reducing app-switching time.