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Get onside with your users

Do users keep contacting you via email and bypassing Service Desk? Get on their side. Thanks to the Add-in, you have the full power and all the features from ALVAO Service Desk in Outlook.

Create requests directly from emails

Create a request directly from an incoming message and assign to a solver—or attach the message to an existing one. Keep all your communication together in one place and lose nothing by switching between apps. Using the Add-in will not lose formatting or images. Everything gets stored in Service Desk in the same form as the formatted email.

Get history and complete overview of the ticket in a single click

Stay in Outlook and don’t waste time and attention on cross-platform transitions. With one click in the e-mail you see the ticket, its complete history and attached information/files. Everything you’ve been doing in the Service Desk web app you can do in Outlook.

Preparing for meetings has never been easier

Schedule events in Outlook based on tickets. Always know what’s going to be talked about – you can see the request history, past conversations, and email correspondence. And if you don’t get everything done during the meeting, you can simply schedule the next one directly from the request.

Care to know how ALVAO will help you improve the operation of your department? Contact us.

We help companies to better organize their internal departments and manage relationships with in-house services users. Get rid of unnecessary manual work. Arrange a no-obligation meeting with an ALVAO consultant. 

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