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No need to switch between apps

Work with requests directly in Microsoft Outlook. When you click on any email, task, or event, you can immediately access all the history of the related request and all relevant information.

  • Assign ticket to a solver.
  • Write a note or start a conversation to get advice from your technical team.
  • Move the ticket down the workflow

Load emails to associated tickets with one click

Email is still the main mean of communication for many of your users. With Outlook Add-in you can save each email to its associated ticket with one click.

Log a job directly from your email so that nothing gets overlooked

You can immediately create a request from incoming messages or attach them to an existing request. You can easily keep all communication in one place and improve team coordination.

Be where your users are

Your users spend their time in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, there is no reason the ticketing should be “somewhere else”. Be where your users are and provide them with an exceptional user experience.

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