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IT Asset Management & Microsoft Intune: Two powerful tools and one seamless integration

Integrating Intune with ALVAO IT Asset Management facilitates swift and straightforward management of mobile devices and applications.

Improved visibility

The integration provides a unified view of all your IT assets in Asset Management from Intune, making it easy to track the asset lifecycle.

Real-time data

The ALVAO Microsoft Intune Connector provides real-time data from Intune to ALVAO Asset Management, ensuring that your asset records are always up-to-date.

Automate data imports

You no longer need to manually import device data from one tool to another.  

Mobile device data from Intune within ALVAO Asset Management

Holistic device information

The ALVAO Microsoft Intune Connector enables you to seamlessly import an extensive array of device information, including the operating system, its version, serial number, and user details, with ease. No detail is too small, and no device goes unnoticed.

Imported notebook data from Intune into ALVAO Asset Management

User-friendly setup

Our user-friendly installation process ensures a hassle-free experience, whether you're utilizing ALVAO's SaaS subscription or implementing the connector on-premises.

The future of IT Asset Management

ALVAO and Microsoft Intune work together to provide you with a single, unified view of your IT environment, giving you unprecedented control over your devices and infrastructure.

Don't settle for outdated and manual ITAM processes. Experience the efficiency, accuracy, and convenience of the connector, and enhance your ITAM operations.


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Allow us to demonstrate the seamless functionality of our Microsoft Intune connector within our IT Asset Management solution:

  • Enhance your visibility and gain a unified view of all your IT assets in one place.
  • Ensure that your asset records are consistently up-to-date.
  • Automate data imports, completely eliminating the need for manual intervention.