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Keeping track of assets and real estate

Replace Excel spreadsheets with a simple and user-friendly solution. With ALVAO you get the ultimate overview of your sites and what is happening in them.

Facilities management

We will help you ‘get your house in order’ – to meet your property and buildings management needs. With ALVAO Asset Management you will keep track of premises, buildings, even specific rooms and their facilities – be it furniture, fire extinguishers or production machines. For each item, you’ll have clear data to hand, on the relevant technical parameters as well as documentation or service records.

Asset inventory

We will help you shorten your inventory-taking from weeks to days, to make it as effective as possible. We have 25 years of experience and thousands of implementations to draw on. Complete inventory-taking and all the associated regulatory obligations can be sorted out with ALVAO, quickly and easily.

Security management

Keep records of your security cameras and systems within the well-arranged tree structure of Asset Management. With ALVAO, you know who has access to the cameras, where they are, and their fault history.

Reminder for periodic reviews

Automatic reminders for periodic reviews

You can also add items that are subject to periodic review – like fire extinguishers, production machines, boilers, electrical wiring or elevators. Asset Management automatically notifies you when you have to undergo a checkup based on the data in the records. We can action a reminder to be sent to your inbox or a helpdesk tool such as our Service Desk. The software automatically creates a request for a specific user to take care of the review – you don’t have to waste time dividing up tasks.

sublease agreements

Records of tenants and contracts

Asset Management lets you keep records of individual tenants as well as lease or sublease agreements. You can thus manage the related agenda and tasks, all together.

buildings tracking in ALVAO

Tree structure

In Asset Management, you manage assets in a tree structure. This makes for a clear layout, following the structure of the company, geographical division into premises, buildings and offices, or any other ways you opt for, adapting ALVAO to your needs. Asset Management asset localization will guide you exactly to the asset you are looking for – through any maze of buildings, floors and corridors. ALVAO can give handy guidance to a field technician.

One-stop-shop for all

All user requests, changes and incidents unified at a single point of contact – to avoid getting lost in a tangle of tasks. Service Desk is a self-service portal in which users make requests that go directly to the solver.

ALVAO for the whole company

Having a help-desk tool for each department costs needless money and confuses users who don’t know what to report where. Make ALVAO your single point of contact for the entire organization. Whether the user is dealing with an IT problem, a broken light bulb or an HR request, they don’t have to think about where to raise the request. They can take care of everything through ALVAO.

Offline solutions for buildings managers

Do your buildings managers change roles so often you can’t get them fully trained? All buildings management tasks are recorded in the Service Desk. The responsible person prints them out from ALVAO and hands them over to the appropriate employee, without their needing special training or even access to the Service Desk.

User requests

ALVAO is friendly, easy to use like other Microsoft tools – your users will readily take to it. All requests for technology, access rights, chips or keys are entered by users into Service Desk and that’s it, nothing more to worry about. The request is assigned to the responsible person with a clear resolution deadline.

ALVAO for the whole company

Manage everything from ticketing to asset tracking and boost your business with one powerful ITSM solution. All the info you need to make the right decision is always at hand. With ALVAO ITSM, you can ease your IT department's workload and take the stress out of your staff while ensuring best service experience for your end users.


Leaders in their field use ALVAO for tracking their assets

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