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3 Reasons to Consider ALVAO over HaloITSM

Choose the right ITSM solution to meet your requirements is a difficult task today. Mainly because there are so solutions out there and they all seemingly offer the same thing. In this comparison, we will show why ALVAO is a suitable alternative to HaloITSM and look at what users are saying on unbranded comparison sites. 

Better integratin to the Microsoft environment

Native IT Asset Management

You only pay for what you use

1. Better integration to the Microsoft environment

ALVAO was designed from the start for the Microsoft environment. This approach allows ALVAO functionality to be used natively in the interface of Office applications such as TeamsOutlook and SharePoint, and offers a number of features not currently available in Halo (e.g. service desk interface available directly in Teams). In addition, ALVAO provides enhanced integration with Microsoft environments through Power Automate. This integration enables fully automate processes across the Microsoft environment and beyond within the entire organization, a capability that Halo currently lacks. More about Microsoft integrations with ALVAO

"We launched ALVAO recently and I have received tons of good feedback from users who are now able to manage the complete ticket creation process from start to finish without leaving Teams."

— Mark Challis, IT Operations and Security Manager, EIP

2. Native IT Asset Management

An updated IT asset register is vital for functional IT and a key aspect of any ITSM tool. However, HaloITSM lacks a native tool for complete asset management, relying on third-party integrations.

This limits you in terms of the tools for which Halo has integrations ready, as well as from a technical point of view, where non-native integrations generally lack some key features. Moreover, it means you have to operate in two systems and two interfaces. ALVAO ITSM provides a comprehensive solution for efficient asset management, covering hardware and software discovery, license management, and configuration database needs. All natively integrated into a single interface with service and ticket management software. More about ITAM

 Complex solution to track any kind of assets –⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ not just IT

Flexibility. Configuration offers a lot of options. If there's a scenario that I can't finish with standard configuration there's a standardized library to write customizations that are well maintained. I don't need to worry about software upgrades. Read more on G2.

–⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠   Jozef H., IT manager

3. You only pay for what you use

The HaloITSM pricing model is based on a single package containing all features. This can be an advantage if you actually use all the features. This is not the case in most organizations, so IT wind up paying a lot for features they don't need while they can't justify more money for other projects.

ALVAO, on the other hand, offers different editions that always contain only what you really need and you can combine the functions of each edition according to your actual needs.

"Main point of pleasure - ALVAO does all the things that we talked about saying it will do. That's not always true with other platforms."

— Josh Higaki, System Analyst, Ripple Junction

More about ALVAO plans and pricing

Bonus Reason: AI-Powered Functionality –⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Isn't AI just a buzzword for you?

If you're looking for ITSM solution with AI capabilities, HaloITSM could be a good choice. Their AI features are pretty impressive. The good news is, ALVAO provides same capabilities and even adds some extra features. Whether you need summarize tickets, simplify your reporting and analysis or detect major incidents within your IT infrastructure – this functionality is further enhanced in ALVAO with visualizations in CMDB.

More about Copilot integration with ALVAO

What Customers Say About ALVAO

ALVAO is a trusted choice for leading companies like Erste, Siemens, Panasonic, Skoda, Notino, DPD, and many more. This strong customer base speaks volumes about its effectiveness and user satisfaction.

"I wouldn't call it a ticket system I would call it easily customizable tool to help you communicate with all departments in the company.“

— Kellan Lawing, IT Manager, Northeast Kind

More about our customers


While HaloITSM offers a solid ITSM platform, ALVAO presents a compelling alternative with its exceptional Microsoft integration, native IT asset management, flexible pricing, and advanced AI functionalities.

If you're seeking a solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing Microsoft environment and provides a cost-effective, comprehensive ITSM experience, ALVAO is definitely worth considering.

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