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ITSM and ITAM for Higher Education

EUNIS-CZ annual conference in Špindlerův Mlýn focused on the digitalization of Higher Education in the Czech Republic is taking place this week. Two days full of inspiration, innovation, ideas, and most importantly, sharing experiences and best practices. The main topic for this year is "University in the Era of Artificial Intelligence."
Jana Silarova

4. 6. 2024

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ALVAO a proud member of EUNIS-CZ

ALVAO has been part of this independent association (EUNIS-CZ) for two years already, and the main motivation to join was—and still is—the focus on supporting the education of the next generations. We also want to be part of creating a motivational environment that follows the trends and brings young professionals into the labor market

Thanks to Josef Milota, who has been the Chairman of EUNIS-CZ for the past three years, we were able to formulate a specific offer in terms of IT Process Management and IT Asset Management

The purpose of this is exclusively to assist higher education organizations and students in creating a single point of contact. Feel free to contact Lubomir Karas or Josef Milota for details about EUNIS-CZ memorandum.

EUNIS in the Czech Republic

ALVAO is a proud partner of EUNIS-CZ, which is an independent interest association of legal entities in the Czech Republic, focusing on the development, implementation, management, and use of information systems in higher education institutions. It is part of the larger European organization EUNIS, which stands for European University Information Systems. 

EUNIS-CZ supports its members, which include public universities, selected private schools, the Czech Academy of Sciences, National Technical Library, and companies involved in information systems, by providing resources such as academic discounts, conferences, and free 100GB cloud storage for students and staff. The association is known for organizing significant events like the annual EUNIS-CZ conference (in Špindlerův Mlýn), which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals in the field.