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Production automation supported by efficient IT processes

An ITSM tool to serve the whole plant

You can use ALVAO anytime, anywhere on any device – throughout your premises and locations.

The ITSM solution works as a single point of contact for all, from line workers to the production manager in the office. Our solution is intuitive and everyone finds it easy to use.

Effective communication between back office and the factory

Improve communication between staff and IT, whether in HR or on the production line. We can implement our solution throughout the company – to request something, users simply select what they need from the self-service catalogue.

ITSM serves to prevent infrastructure outages

Your production can’t afford to slow down or even stop operations – any stoppage or breakdown costs you money.

Our ITSM solution sets up the right processes and automates workflow to speed up the resolution of potential incidents and prevent problems.

Organizations that manage IT processes with ALVAO

IT Service Management begins by connecting the right tools

Because our products work best together - as ITSM - we develop them as a single solution.

Thanks to Asset Management, you have a 100% overview of your company’s assets

Does your organization keep hundreds of pieces of technical kit that you cannot effectively record in an ERP or accounting system – computers, phones, production lines, factory access keys or entry cards?

Asset Management provides a clear register of assets, displayed in a tree structure. The information is immediately available to everyone who needs it.

The software will handle localization and liability management for you. Each handover of assets is confirmed by users, from their computer or smartphone. Your employees will love the paperless handover, and IT will save time during staff onboarding, and annual inventory-taking. Staff themselves will confirm taking responsibility for the company property they are entrusted with.

Service Desk reduces the incidence of requests and makes running the operation more affordable

Is there a failing computer in the factory? Is your barcode printer out of order, so you can’t ship the goods? Is the IT department at the far end of the building or warehouse? Just submit a request to Service Desk. The relevant technician immediately learns of the problem and the request gets progressed at once.

In the well-arranged catalogue on the self-service portal the user enters a request, which is then assigned to the solver – whether it be a broken machine or a blown lightbulb. Check on the request status any time during its resolution.

Thanks to Service Desk, the organization can manage the processes and not waste money. Management has a constant overview of what is happening in the company and technicians no longer wade through e-mails or a barrage of update-seeking phonecalls from users.

Modern industry requires modern IT


The IT department's image within the organization is improved by transparent processes

Do your staff and managers regard IT as a financial black hole? ALVAO will make processes in the company transparent, and people’s trust in IT will shoot up 100%.

Using the Service Desk, requesters can see what is happening with their request – whether it is something new one or a freshly approved task in progress.

In conjunction with ALVAO Asset Management, you’ll also gain financial transparency. With ALVAO, management can track IT service costs. You can credibly document why you need a particular budget amount and show how IT supports the company’s activities.

Automate and streamline your entire plant from the office to the factory

There is multilingual support, complemented by meticulous implementation

ALVAO supports implementation in multiple languages to meet your needs. Our implementation team gives their utmost to every project, technical support is here for you every weekday and we’re never far away if you need advice.

Getting ready for the TISAX audit

Our products are certified ISO 27001 and have passed OWASP methodology penetration tests. At audit time you can demonstrably show how you manage and record requests from users – with the Service Desk audit trail. We will help you earn the TISAX assessment stamp of approval.

Efficient and fast staff changes, thanks to digitalization

With ALVAO, staff are not given the run-around to sign-off the handover of company assets. Automated processes split the leaver’s departure into several requests and tasks, and a fine-tuned workflow, routed to the right people, avoids chasing physical signatures.

ALVAO is Microsoft’s preferred solution

We develop tools exclusively for Microsoft 365, both in terms of integration and user adoption. Using our products is much like MS Office – users find it familiar straight away.

ALVAO works directly through extensions to Microsoft products already used across your business: MS Outlook and MS Teams.

Senior management insight with Power BI

In dynamic plant operations, it’s vital that you make decisions based on hard data.

With Power BI reports, you have 100% control over IT – you know where and why any issues pile up and how the team is working. Visualized reports from Poweb BI integrated into ALVAO Service Desk & Asset Management are a firm foundation for work efficiency improvement initiatives.

Effective change management

Are you keen to move things forward with your company and planning more fundamental changes that will affect almost everyone? ALVAO will help you with change management. Your CMDB diagram will show the interconnectedness of assets, including their current state.

The up-to-date overview of asset data is your reliable helper for decisions on modernization, streamlining and hardware and software replacement.

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