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Do these issues sound familiar?

Silos and fragmented services

No unified point of contact for the various employees’ requests and services because each department uses a different toolset for its work

Lack of service request visibility

Being overloaded with solving recurring problems but due to lack of data on time spent and number of requests, being unable to justify a suitably bigger budget.

Employee onboarding is a challenge

Staff joining or leaving brings numerous sub-tasks in different departments. Often, important steps are overlooked, leading to needless delays overall.

self-service portal pro all enterprise services

One-stop-shop enterprise self-service portal

ALVAO’s self-service portal brings services from various business units together out of their silos, and simplifies user requests. They request all the services they need from one place; Accessible as a web app or directly in Teams and Outlook, ensuring a seamless user experience without app-switching. This helps all employees stay productive, by having access to the information and the services they need at the right time.

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service workflows editor

Streamline service management with workflow automation

With ALVAO’s no-code workflow editor, you can easily configure a sequence of steps, add an approval role, and enable automatic creation of ’child-tickets’ at a specific step in the process. Automate anything, whether it’s a significant cross-enterprise business process or a small personal task.

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Enterprise asset management interface

Enterprise Asset Management

Maximize the value of your business-crucial technology investments. ALVAO Asset Management provides full visibility of your assets, whether they’re laptops, industrial machinery, or your vehicle fleet. This facilitates planning regular maintenance, enhances cost optimization and flags-up compliance issues that could otherwise result in regulatory breaches impacting your business operations.

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Integration with other business software and apps

Integrate your favorite business software

Seamlessly connect ALVAO enterprise service management to your other crucial services to streamline the flow of information and data across various departments and locations. This ensures automatic data synchronization, eliminating manual data entry and saving time and effort; Whether you are using native integration to Microsoft apps or utilizing ALVAO open REST API to effortlessly integrate with ERP, customer portals, and more.

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reporting and analysis of services

Turn data into immediate business impact

Gain valuable insights into operational performance, strengths, and growth areas. Leverage customer satisfaction feedback, and SLA success, for informed business decisions. Put this data into dashboards and share it with teams and stakeholders for maximal transparency.

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Multiple teams, one ESM solution

More features that help you with your enterprise service management

Scalable business solution

The ALVAO service management solution grows with your business. You pay once per user, no matter how many enterprise instances they have.

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Create customized commands and ticket tab request forms for each service with custom fields and flexible workflows. 

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Quick uptake

The user interface of our solution is based on Microsoft products, so it can be easily used by anyone.

AI Assistant

To enhance the user experience and streamline service management, ALVAO provides AI virtual assistants in Service Desk or directly within Teams.

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Leaders in their field use ALVAO

ALVAO for the whole company

Manage everything from ticketing to asset tracking and boost your business with one powerful ITSM solution. All the info you need to make the right decision is always at hand. With ALVAO ITSM, you can ease your IT department's workload and take the stress out of your staff while ensuring best service experience for your end users.


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