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What are MTBF, MTTR, MTTA, and MTTF incident metrics? How to calculate them?

When discussing incident management, some argue that incident metrics matter less than understanding how incidents can be resolved, what preventive measures work, and why incidents occur in the first place (i.e., identifying the root cause). Let's find out in the article why they actually matter in IT.

Jana Mancikova


10 minutes of reading

ALVAO's Tree Structure Makes IT Asset Management Easy

There is no doubt that managing IT assets can be a hassle sometimes and in some cases can seem like wrangling a herd of digital cats at times. Overflowing spreadsheets are causing crucial details to be lost. Here is where ALVAO Asset Management comes in, offering a powerful solution with an intuitive...

Jana Silarova


4 minutes of reading

How ITSM can help improve customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the most important metric that measures the performance of a service desk team.

Mukesh Sharma


2 minutes of reading

Is your organization ready for Windows 11?

Moving to Windows 11 will bring much innovation, but also a lot of worry and work – especially for IT teams tasked with planning the upgrade. Many organizations are concerned that the new operating system may need upgraded hardware. Our analysis in dozens of companies showed that approximately 27% of...

Adam Sima


4 minutes of reading

ITSM is the key to sustainable IT

Sustainability is a topic writ large in most areas of our society these days. Companies and organizations are aware of this and take environmental goals into account in their long-term strategies. This of course relates to changes in work practices at all levels, including IT, which produces around 2%...

Adam Sima


7 minutes of reading

ALVAO for Teams integration: Optimizing IT support with fresh features

Exciting news! We've been working hard on enhancing the integration of ALVAO Service Desk into Microsoft Teams to bring you a seamless IT support and user experience

Jana Mancikova


1 minute of reading

User experience of ALVAO IT Service Management platform

Being associated with the service desk for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to work on different ITSM tools such as Remedy 6.5, 7.1, ICD, Maximo, and ServiceNow. ALVAO was the most different among all that I have worked with so far. So, let's look at some of the key features of ALVAO that make...

Mukesh Sharma


3 minutes of reading

ALVAO has successfully passed the SOC 2, type II evaluation process

We are pleased to announce that ALVAO SaaS - cloud services have successfully passed the six-month evaluation process of SOC 2, type II. This audit confirmed that the set-up and follow-up of our policies and procedures for managing security, privacy, availability and confidentiality meet the highest...

Jana Silarova


2 minutes of reading

What 7 areas of ITSM will see the greatest AI advances? Get yourself and your organization fit for the digital revolution

It takes no evangelist to spread glad tidings about AI in ITSM. Artificial Intelligence takes IT process management to the next level – just as when ITIL first brought in best practices. AI can automate processes that take hours of time and soak up staff budget. Artificial intelligence predicts threats,...

Jana Mancikova


5 minutes of reading

ALVAO shines at SITS 2023 in London

Again, ALVAO marked its presence at the much-anticipated Service Desk Show in London – a gathering of ITSM professionals from around the world. Throughout the event, we had the pleasure of connecting with a diverse array of visitors.

Jana Mancikova


2 minutes of reading

ALVAO & ChatGPT Integration: Turbodrive ticket management, operational efficiency and more

Learn how to unlock the full efficiency of day-to-day operational tasks with Alvao's integration with ChatGPT in your IT department.

Jana Mancikova


2 minutes of reading