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IT Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management is a prerequisite for user support, IT investment planning and Software Asset Management. Learn how ALVAO can help you bring your hardware under control.


Software License Management (SAM)

Put fear of audits behind you. Get an overview of all installed software and keep your licenses organized.


Digitization and Paperless Asset Management

Most modern departments are burdened with an unpleasant amount of bureaucracy and paperwork. Administration is not necessarily pointless. Information must be passed around and worked with. In the digital age, this can be done simply and efficiently.


Human Resources

The HR department relies mostly on paper forms, emails and spreadsheet editors for its operation, which often leads to tension and misunderstandings in communication. ALVAO will help digitize the key forms, facilitate the flow of information, and ensure smooth Human Resources cooperation with colleagues from other teams.


IT Service Management (ITSM)

Today’s IT supports all key company activities. ALVAO turns the IT department into a true business partner, ensuring smooth communication between IT and the rest of the business. We will also keep IT asset records in perfect order.


Workflow and process management

Speed-up your workflow and improve user experience with process workflow automation. Get tool support that makes smooth processes a reality.