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ALVAO is easy, intuitive, fast

With our solution, you readily get to know who has rented which vehicle, when it will be returned to the garage and what equipment is inside.

fleet asset tracking

Vehicle registration

Each car's history and available sundries and service history can be found in the Asset Management tree structure – keeping everything necessary in one place. You can also record data about summer and winter tires, their parameters, and storage location in the register, so you don’t have to waste any time in spring or autumn.

Booking a car in Service Desk

Booking a car quickly and easily

ALVAO automates the entire vehicle rental process. The employee simply fills out some data in the self-service portal – the rental period, the purpose of the trip and the expected return date. The data-driven software will only offer vehicles that are available. The user selects a car and sends a request for approval.

Automated business trip request

Business trip request

In just a few minutes, the employee fills in all the necessary data – the purpose of the trip, the mode of transport... The requisition is linked to the asset register and the user gets to choose from among currently available vehicles

Fast approval and easy communication with the user

Thanks to the automated workflow, the request reaches the right solver, who makes any relevant comments or approves the trip.

Business trip reimbursement

Upon return, the user lists the hours spent on the trip, the outcome of the trip and the sum to be reimbursed, all under the same request. The application is either printed or sent via ALVAO to the accounting department with attached invoices.

Automatic notification

ALVAO will automatically notify you of the looming MOT expiry. We append any reminders to an e-mail or a helpdesk tool such as ALVAO Service Desk, so you never set off without valid documentation and don’t risk a fine.

Electronic logbook

Digitize the logbook and your employees will no longer see logging trips as a necessary evil. ALVAO can keep track of all your trips and data – simply upload attachments to the software: receipts, photos or anything else.

Settlement of claims

Had an accident? The employee raises a request in ALVAO so as to resolve the whole situation – getting towed to the workshop, dealing with the insurance company and renting a replacement car. With ALVAO you can deal with a breakdown situation without it becoming a major crisis.

ALVAO for the whole company

Having a helpdesk tool for each department is needlessly costly and confusing to users. Make ALVAO your single point of contact for the entire organization. Whether a given user is dealing with a car rental, a broken light bulb or an application for HR or IT, they won’t have to ponder where to make the request. They can take care of everything through ALVAO.


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