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Do these issues sound familiar?

Tracking assets is a challenge

The asset records are scattered on dozens of manual spreadsheets and you lose track of where the equipment is located and who is currently using it.

Planning budgets with poor data

Are you currently in the process of budgeting for the upcoming period? If so, do you have to rely on incomplete records and worry you’ll be under or over budget?

I can't reduce the license costs

Software spending is difficult to optimize due to the complexity of tracking licenses and the limitations of spreadsheet scalability.

Start tracking assets with 100%
accuracy – with ALVAO

Our IT Asset Management tool offers full visibility into hardware and software assets. With the intuitive dashboard, you can easily monitor all your assets in one place. Manage your inventory transparently, and identify which equipment is truly in use and where there is a surplus or lack of stock.

We develop our ITAM solution with security in mind

the tree structure of IT Asset Management

Tree structured data – a visual way to keep track of assets

In Asset Management, you manage assets in a tree structure – compared to conventional tables, the data matches how our minds work. The clear structure mirrors the hierarchical divisions within the company, the geographical distribution of assets by location, or any other method you prefer.

ALVAO Configuration Management Database - diagram of links

Configuration Management Database - CMDB

Streamline your incident and change management by accurately tracking relationships between individual assets and configuration items (CIs) – physical and virtual (e.g. VM). ALVAO Configuration Management Database visualizes your IT infrastructure into diagrams allowing you to track all the impacts of changes and failures.

More about CMDB

Asset lifecycle management

Track IT assets throughout the lifecycle

ALVAO automatically captures all hardware asset information resulting from CI installation, incidents, moves, adds, changes, or replacement activities. This can help you, for example, when evaluating the reliability for the next use of the hardware.

Tracking of variable objects in Asset Management

Record various types of assets and their associated attributes

Track any type of object and its attributes such as location, technical specification, or vendor information. You can incorporate various types of equipment and utilize new templates, often choosing from our pre-designed templates for numerous IT (and non-IT) data objects. Additionally, you have the option to include your own custom templates.

Tracking of hardware and software in ALVAO

Make sure you’re ready for a HW/SW audit, even if it comes tomorrow

Asset Management automatically notifies you of incomplete device data, unlicensed software, or outdated device licenses. ALVAO gives you access to hard audit data whenever you need it.

Detect devices, wherever they are

With our Autonomous Agent & Agentless Asset Discovery, you can detect all devices whether they are on or off your network.

This feature gives you a deep valuable insight into hardware and software data. On a regular and real-time basis, you receive reliable information on which to base decisions.

The detection runs automatically and continuously in the background, and you don’t have to worry about initiating searches.

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Asset Management Features

Inventory Audits

Is the deadline for mandatory asset registration coming up, and stressing you already? Not with ALVAO Asset Management! Our product streamlines inventory-taking and shortens it from weeks to days.

More about Inventory Audits

Handover Protocols

Get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy and paper logs. Each new property entrusted to staff is confirmed electronically. This ensures smooth joiners, movers, and leavers (JML) process where no asset ever gets lost.

More about Handover Protocols

Barcode Asset Tracking

This feature allows for quick and easy scanning of barcodes on all of your assets, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors in your asset records.

1000+ customers have chosen ALVAO to manage their IT assets

SEW Eurodrive

„Thanks to ALVAO, we’ve been able to effectively respond to the needs of the company during its expansion, avoiding problems and saving ourselves work when new staff was hired. Our users know exactly what assets they are responsible for and any problem solving takes place faster.”

Jaroslav Poupal, Head of the IT Helpdesk, SEW-EURODRIVE CZ

oncomed manufacturing

„We needed ALVAO to fit well with the rest of our infrastructure. Thanks to REST API support this was an easy task.” 

Jiri Zbranek, Head of IT Department, oncomed manufacturing


"The technician in the warehouse no longer has to write out handover protocols or print anything. The employee just gives their name, the technician finds the assigned kit and gets the employee’s signature on a tablet. The whole process takes a minute at most."

Petr Kugler, L2 Administrator, NOTINO

The Slovak Emergency Medical Rescue Service Operational Centre

“We prioritize field assets for rescuers, but installation and tracking are challenging due to numerous locations. Navigation devices are error-prone and weather-dependent. Asset Management enables accurate data recording, allowing us to flexibly respond to situations, especially in tracking warranty status.”

Marian Podmajersky, Head of IT Department, The Slovak Emergency Medical Rescue Service Operational Centre

Hardware Asset Management 

hardware asset management

Build an Accurate Hardware Inventory

Track and manage the entire lifecycle of all your hardware assets, including physical and consumables. Know exactly where every item is – keeping no extra idle equipment in storage. Nothing gets lost or misappropriated, even if someone leaves the company in a hurry.

More about Hardware Asset Management

Software Asset Management 

software asset management

Software License Optimization

Simplify how you purchase, deploy, maintain, and dispose of IT software licenses. ALVAO supports all licensing models and automates the licensing assigning exactly according to your requirements. This allows you to reduce the overall cost of licensing and compilance risks. 

More about Software Asset Management

Enhance asset tracking with Microsoft Apps integration

Seamlessly synchronize data from Entra ID (AD)

Through Entra ID integration, you can control user attributes and access in a way that improves security, password policy, user experience, workflow efficiency, and more.

Effective device management with Intune

Integration of Microsoft Intune with ALVAO Asset Management software makes it easier to access and track devices in your organization for your end-users. 

Simplify IT asset management with Configuration Manager

Enhance your IT asset lifecycle management in ALVAO by utilizing SCCM's scanned data to gain deeper insights into your devices, software, and cloud assets.  

Discover the power of Asset Management in synergy with the ALVAO Service Desk

Are you consistently addressing ad-hoc IT tickets, including phone calls and emails? Is your entire IT department in a constant fire-fighting mode? IT Asset Management is tightly connected with a helpdesk tool.

You need to be able to quickly locate faulty devices that are reported in tickets and retrieve key attributes. Having a history of past incidents helps with diagnosis and pattern recognition.

More about ITSM and ITAM

laughing man on the phone

What do Asset Management users value most?

  • Clear asset records make everything easy to find, thanks to its tree structure
  • Immediate deployment
  • Automated labor-saving processes
  • Reduced software licensing costs and increased cyber security
  • Fast incident resolution by connecting Asset Management with Service Desk
  • Reduce inventory-taking – from weeks to days
  • Complete asset history with automatic logging of changes and locations.
  • Helping with ISO 27001 certification and efficient resolution of audit findings.

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Keen on organizing your all IT assets and cut your budgetary costs? ALVAO will help you achieve it.

Jan Skrabanek

Business Development Manager

Why ALVAO Asset Management?

  • Track the entire IT asset life cycle in one comprehensive tool that won't break the bank
  • From acquisition to disposal, your securityrisks, and asset renewals are under control.
  • ALVAO Asset Management gives you an overview of the type of asset, its location, and who is responsible for it.

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