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ALVAO introduces automatic user and group provisioning from Azure Active Directory

Managing user accounts and groups in ALVAO has never been easier thanks to the new Azure AD provisioning connector and its configuration template available now on Azure AD app gallery.
Adam Šima

20. 4. 2023

We have developed the Azure AD provisioning connector with the aim of streamlining the user account management processes between Active Directory and ALVAO making them quick and effortless. 

The Azure AD connector allows you:

  • Automatically create new users in ALVAO Service Desk and Asset Management. 

  • Automatically deactivate user accounts in ALVAO if they are deactivated in Azure AD. 

  • Keep user attributes synchronized with Azure AD. 

  • Provision groups and group membership to ALVAO Service Desk. 

  • Monitor and audit who has been provisioned into ALVAO. 

The template helps you to quickly configure ALVAO to easily automate all the above aspects to save time and streamline your daily processes.

For more information on getting started, check out the tutorial on thMicrosoft Docs site or visit our documentation - User Authentication with Azure Active Directory.