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One point of contact for all employee requests

Update to a modern way of communicating with employees. 

It’s easy to enter all HR requests on the self-service web portalALVAO selects the correct form for staff members and ensures they fill in the key fields. They can check on the status of their requested solution at any time. 

Education and development

Requests for internal and external training and certification, including approvals. Scheduling regular conversations with a supervisor. 

Changes to employee data

Changes of permanent residence, bank account, surname and the like. 

Employee benefits and more

Employee benefits, feedback exercises or changes in organizational structure. All-in-one catalogue. 

Swift and well-organized recruitment

Speeding up the recruitment process 

ALVAO will help you speed up and manage the entire recruitment process. Get a clear overview about all applicants, from recruitment request through to CV handling, to signing the contract. Never again forget to let someone know, nor lose a candidate because of bad communication. 

Onboarding and induction is assisted by automated workflow

Smooth arrival and training of a new hire employee requires considerable effort and coordination among several teams. ALVAO automates the process, ensures that nothing is forgotten and that each new hire has their workplace, equipment, access rights and training plan from day one. 

Smooth and hassle-free staff release

We also facilitate the departure of an employee. We will ensure that all departments receive information about the departure automatically and in a timely manner. Never again will an employee fail to return equipment or stay on in the payroll system.