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Facilitate employee lifecycle management and support HR processes

Swift and well-organized recruitment

ALVAO will speed up recruitment and help you manage the entire process. With our product, you get a clear overview of the entire recruitment process – from the request to expand your ranks, through sending a CV, to contract confirmation. You will never again lose the perfect candidate through poor communication.

Automate HR workflows

Smooth onboarding and training of a new employee requires considerable effort and coordination of numerous teams. ALVAO automates the whole process. With each new arrival come requests for action from this or that department – be it allocation of equipment, training, or access to applications. You will never again forget anything and your new joiner will have their workplace, equipment, access and training plan ready from day one.

Onboarding for new employees

With clearly defined tasks, you will streamline onboarding for your new colleague and your HR department. Thanks to ALVAO, you can be 100% sure that the new recruit will get all their training and their feedback.


Effective HR Service Management

Requests for education, training or certification are submitted by employees to the Service Desk. The HR specialist immediately gets to know of them, can budget for them with their supervisor or make comments on the request. Employees have an overview of what has been approved and how the request is handled. Both sides know what is happening and the whole process is transparent.

Changes to employee data

No more unnecessary visits to your office. Requests for changes in personal data are entered by the user in Service Desk.

Central register of employees

All employee information is together in one place – their phone, workplace, e-mail and other necessary data. With ALVAO, you can transfer data to and from other application software.

Staff changes in the organization

Has an employee moved to another department or team in your organization? Granting their access in the new team + returning equipment to the previous department is automatically apportioned into individual tasks, clearly and without chaos.

HR requests

Requesting leave, claiming benefits or submitting a sick-note fro the doctor is entered by the user in ALVAO. The one-stop shop will speed up the resolution of HR requirements and the HR manager will learn about everything in time.

automated employee offboarding

Smooth employee departure

We will also smooth the way when it comes to staff leaving. With ALVAO, all departments get advised about prospective departures automatically and in good time. Never again will an employee be leaving without returning equipment, or their file remaining live in accounts.

Organizations managing their HR processes with ALVAO

We integrate ALVAO into the applications you use

Outlook Add-In: Handle requests directly from email

Browse tasks, assign tickets, all the while keeping track about emails and creating requests directly from them. With ALVAO you have the power of the entire Service Desk directly in Outlook.

Learn more about ALVAO for Outlook

Teams Add-in: Service Desk is right where the users are

With the Teams Add-in, users raise requests directly from the application. The extensions speed up incident resolution, fine-tune team collaboration, and streamline communication across departments.

Learn more about ALVAO for Teams

Improve your HR department's operations with ALVAO.

Jan Skrabanek

Business Development Manager

Set up an appointment and let us introduce you to ALVAO and show you ways to improve the running of HR departments, speed up related processes, and facilitate and better organize everyday activities.