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How ITSM can help improve customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the most important metric that measures the performance of a service desk team.
Mukesh Sharma

6. 11. 2023

The general view is that dissatisfied surveys are usually due to delays in resolution, poor customer service skills, long wait times, and recurring events for the same issue. With these, we can conclude that it points towards 3 essential factors – process, technical skills, and customer service skills. However, we should not underestimate the role an ITSM tool plays in making this easy vs making it difficult for teams to improve customer satisfaction scores for their teams. Lets look at the key features that are essential in an ITSM tool that can help teams improve CSAT (customer satisfaction):

Defined workflow and ticket routing

A well-defined workflow plays a key role in ensuring that the ticket follows the right path towards resolution. It helps the analyst and the reporter to understand progress and bring a ticket back on track. Automated ticket routing ensures there are no misroutes. These help reduce delays and improve resolution time.

Ticket templates and other customization

Ticket templates are essential when ticket data has to be analyzed to identify the top contact drivers at the desk and also to mark the ‘issues’ that receive a high number of customer dissatisfaction surveys. Maintaining standard templates makes this an easy task. In addition, if your ITSM tool is flexible and allows customization, you can include several fields on the ticket form that can help sort data by location, site, category, etc. 

Built-in analytics

The analysis within the ITSM tool is crucial in the initial identification of the problem. For instance, if a user reaches out to the desk for 4th time within a week for the same password reset request, the ITSM tool will flag it as a repeat issue. Other analytics features such as alerts for multiple issues being reported via the same site/location at the same time and alerts related to capacity, health, and status of linked CI will help to highlight potential issues during the initial investigation. 

Reports and dashboards

Predefined reports and dashboards can provide various analytic views that will help the teams save time and effort during the data mining process.


While we all agree that customer satisfaction improvement will primarily focus on solving the technical skills and customer service skills of the helpdesk analysts, Let us also consider the value an ITSM tool delivers in making this easy for teams.