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ALVAO for Teams integration: Optimizing IT support with fresh features

Exciting news! We've been working hard on enhancing the integration of ALVAO Service Desk into Microsoft Teams to bring you a seamless IT support and user experience
Jana Mancikova

13. 10. 2023

Our mission is simple: to make communication effortless and service request management a piece of cake within the Teams environment, encouraging a more independent and efficient workflow for both users and IT support teams.

Streamlined ALVAO installation into Teams

No more hassles with configuring REST API during installation. We've improved the process, ensuring that from the moment you install the app, everything just works. No more manual API inputs – it's now smooth and good to go.

Enhanced Teams chat features

Our chat functionality within Teams has received a pleasant upgrade. 

  • Save chat messages to existing tickets: Capture critical information into existing tickets with a simple click.

How to save message in ALVAO from Teams

Brand new ALVAO ticket dashboard

Explore our core feature – a straightforward ticket dashboard integrated into Teams, giving you:

  • Open tickets directly in Teams: Manage requests directly in Teams without unnecessary app switching.

A ticket overview directly from Teams

  • Comprehensive ticket views: Access and filter tickets based on default views, providing a clear overview.
  • Prompt ticket creation: Initiate a new ticket directly from the dashboard, simplifying the entire process.

With ALVAO for Teams, your IT support is consolidated, streamlined, and effortlessly integrated. No more juggling between apps, no more interruptions – just a unified experience that enhances both user independence and IT support efficiency.

Ready for a new era of integrated IT support on Microsoft Teams? Book a free consultation with our ALVAO expert and witness the difference.

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