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ALVAO is part of the Microsoft Copilot Ecosystem

Since the beginning, we have been developing ALVAO in line with Microsoft's principles and strategies. Of course, during the past year and especially this year we have been closely following the developments at Microsoft and their products. And it was in cooperation with Microsoft experts that we worked on integrating the upcoming innovations of this technological leader into our solution.
Jan Prudík

23. 11. 2023

The news that was presented at the annual Microsoft Ignite conference understandably did not surprise us. On the contrary, they pleased us very much. ALVAO's strategy is in line with the innovations announced in the area of communication and changing the way we work during Satya Nadella's keynote presentation.We not only  believe in the power of these innovations but are delighted that our solution has made us part of them. 

Microsoft Copilot Ecosystem 

The ALVAO ITSM solution is ready for the technological revolution and our ALVAO integration for MS Teams was even highlighted in the conference keynote presentation as part of the MS Copilot Ecosystem. 

The future of the UI and UX with MS Copilot 

We are excited and full of anticipation to see not only the current innovations in AI, but also the future in user interface and user experience (UX). In this regard, we see Microsoft Copilot as a key game changer. We are curious to see how MS Copilot will impact and transform UX and the overall user interface approach. We believe this technological innovation opens opportunities for creating intuitive, efficient and adaptable user environments and experiences. 

We at ALVAO are prepared for this journey too, and we look forward to seeing how MS Copilot will evolve the way teams work and improve the quality of the user experience for our (ALVAO) users as well.   

ALVAO for MS Teams 

Equally exciting for us are the new features introduced in the MS Teams app. We observe many opportunities for the development of our solution within the MS Teams environment, which we first introduced last year. These innovations open up new perspectives for ALVAO users to work more efficiently. For example, the ability to automatically create requests and log communications into automatically recognized related requests, not only from chat, but also from online meetings. 

ALVAO Power Automate Connector 

In addition, with the already existing Power Automate connector and REST API integration interface, we have a great foundation for seamless integration and communication with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and all its planned enhancements. We are ready to take advantage of these opportunities and take ALVAO ITSM and ITAM to the next level in the sense of the modern working environment. 

Modern Cloud Applications with Microsoft 

We must not overlook the approach that Microsoft is taking in preparing the environment for the creation and architecture of modern applications in the cloud. Said strategy opens the door for us to provide a backend solution, that is modern, scalable, and easy to maintain. In this approach, we see an opportunity not only to streamline our own development processes, but also to provide our users with superior performance scalability

With Microsoft, we will be at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that ALVAO Service Desk and IT Asset Management are up to the latest standards and ready for the future of the digital space. 

Security – Safety 

Apart from our excitement surrounding the announcements and the news that we are a part of them, we want to emphasize that we share Microsoft's values and appreciate their commitment to information security. It is crucial for us that our technology partner enables us to work together in building a secure digital environment for all our users. 

Keep an eye on ALVAO's development news, because we are already looking forward to presenting our upcoming innovations and supporting our users even more efficiently in their daily work.