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What’s new in ALVAO 11.2

The new version of ALVAO 11.2 brings a number of new features and improvements to make your everyday work easier, and some new options.
Jana Mancikova

25. 4. 2024

The new version of ALVAO combines two strategic directions that have long been a part of our product development. The first direction is to incorporate AI capabilities in ALVAO tools. This simplifies incident resolution, automates routine tasks, and speeds up comprehensive analysis.

The second direction is the seamless integration of ALVAO with Microsoft products, to ensure effective collaboration and communication.

The new version brings new features to ALVAO for Teams and Outlook, SharePoint and Power Automate.

Thanks to these extensions, users across the company can utilize ALVAO directly from Microsoft applications.

What’s new in ALVAO ITSM

New Assistant: AI Assistant

Artificial intelligence is here! With ALVAO Service Desk you won’t be left behind, and thanks to the implementation of our AI Assistant, you gain a great ally that leverages the secure services of Azure Open AI.

Don’t waste time on the minutiae and on time-consuming analyses to identify incident cause, scope, and severity. 

The assistant will evaluate each incident for you and point out its impact. It can run pre-prepared procedures, such as sending a warning message to the appropriate group in Teams.

While classifying and analyzing a ticket, the assistant:

  • finds similar ticket
  • advises solutions
  • recommends moving the ticket to another service
  • alerts you to multiple and serious incidents

More about AI Assistant

Fine-tune the automation of tickets and objects with the ALVAO Power Automate Connector

  • Easiliy run automations in Power Automate based on events from ALVAO, with new triggers.
  • Easily schedule regular data imports from CSV files in a Power Automate flow.
  • Choose your favourite integrations from the ALVAO connector template palette for Power Automate.

More about Power Automate integration

ALVAO in your own colours

Having the app in your company’s colours better fits your business application environment and makes it easier for users to navigate. Switch ALVAO to your company colours.

Go easy on the eyes – with new dark mode

Do you prefer to use dark mode in your apps, which doesn’t tire your eyes as much when working all day? Switch ALVAO to dark mode or choose a different colour theme in the app to suit your style.

What’s new in Service Desk

ALVAO for Teams

Be where your users are

  • Tickets assigned to you to resolve are evident directly in Teams. Work with them as you are used to, without leaving the app.

  • All communication is in one place – directly with its related ticket. Nothing important will ever pass you by.
  • Save yourself clicks – are you helping users via a Teams chat? You don’t have to click anywhere else anymore – close the completed ticket directly in the Teams app.

  • Distributing and configuring the app is a breeze. Sign in with your Microsoft business account and get started with ALVAO to serve your organization.

More about ALVAO for Teams

ALVAO for Outlook

  • In ALVAO you will readily find the context of messages that cannot be automatically assigned to any ticket.
  • You can also find the list of ticket from ALVAO for Teams in Outlook, and in the applications menu in Microsoft 365.
  • Work with ticket directly in Outlook. You’ll save the time otherwise lost switching back and forth between apps, e.g. to resolve a ticket related to an incoming email.

  • Schedule appointments and work on a ticket directly in your Outlook calendar.

More about ALVAO for Outlook

Collaborate on shared content

Share your documents with your colleagues instantly and seamlessly on SharePoint and OneDrive, just as you’ve come to expect from Microsoft apps.

Search even using text within images

You’ll no longer miss anything when you search. With Azure OCR, you can now also find tickets based on text contained in attached images.

Thanks to how AI now also makes use of text in images when determining the essence of tickets, the search for similar tickets is also more accurate.

Easy to manage

Managing a service catalogue is now much easier and easier to understand. Today, even a novice administrator can create and edit services without needing deep knowledge of the other elements of the settings and their mutual relationships.

Instructive forms

Give users all the information they need when making their tickets. With new capabilities, such as labels with fixed formatted text and embedded images, your forms for creating new tickets  will be more intuitive, understandable, and instructive.

The all-important details...

Seemingly minor things that will lift you to the next level when using the system.

  • You’ll be aware of new ticketsto be solved as well as responses to requestors without having to click into the application. The list of tickets can now be updated automatically.
  • Work jointly with colleagues to resolve tickets, and simply copy and share the ticket link to them, just like in Microsoft 365 Apps.

  • Ticket names will no longer be preceded by their numbers in the application. This makes the application clearer for users, to get more quickly to the substance of tickets.
  • When choosing dates, you get the familiar interface you know from other applications. You can select today’s date with one click.

Would you like to know more about the new features in ALVAO? Make a free appointment with our consultant.

What’s new in Asset Management

Modern SAM

Software Asset Management, including software license records, is now much easier. In addition to regular licenses, you can now also keep track of cloud (SaaS) subscriptions). What’s more, you can now conveniently find everything you need in the web application; no further need to install a desktop client.

More about Software Asset Management

Keep stock with your smartphone

Thanks to ALVAO’s new mobile phone app, all you need is a smartphone to take stock of new assets.

You’ll no longer need a bespoke device with a built-in barcode or QR code reader.

A better way to manage assets

Asset management is now more accessible than ever. Most of the Asset Management functions can be found in the ALVAO web application itself, without the need for additional installations.

Discover devices and other infrastructure elements in your network

With ALVAO SNMP Network Discovery, your Asset Management staff get an overview of all network elements and devices in their network.

Detect Mac and Linux!

With the advanced search for hardware devices, you can get information about all the computers on your network, including those running Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Do you want to know more about what’s new in ALVAO? Don’t hesitate to arrange a free meeting with our consultant