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Jana Mancikova

What’s new in ALVAO 11.1 regarding Asset Management: Overview of improvements and new features

The new version of ALVAO 11.1 brings a number of innovations and improvements to the Asset Management product. In the previous News about ALVAO 11.1 we focused on news that are common to Asset Management and Service Desk. In this post, we will introduce you to other significant news related only to Asset...

Jana Mancikova


2 minutes of reading

What’s new in ALVAO 11.1 for Service Desk: Overview of improvements and new features

The new version of ALVAO 11.1 brings a number of innovations and improvements to the Service Desk product. In the previous post News in ALVAO 11.1 we focused on news that are common to Service Desk and Asset Management. In this post, we will introduce you to other important news related only to Service...

Jana Mancikova


3 minutes of reading

ALVAO & ChatGPT Integration: Turbodrive ticket management, operational efficiency and more

Learn how to unlock the full efficiency of day-to-day operational tasks with Alvao's integration with ChatGPT in your IT department.

Jana Mancikova


2 minutes of reading

What 7 areas of ITSM will see the greatest AI advances? Get yourself and your organization fit for the digital revolution

It takes no evangelist to spread glad tidings about AI in ITSM. Artificial Intelligence takes IT process management to the next level – just as when ITIL first brought in best practices. AI can automate processes that take hours of time and soak up staff budget. Artificial intelligence predicts threats,...

Jana Mancikova


5 minutes of reading

ALVAO for Teams integration: Optimizing IT support with fresh features

Exciting news! We've been working hard on enhancing the integration of ALVAO Service Desk into Microsoft Teams to bring you a seamless IT support and user experience

Jana Mancikova


1 minute of reading

ALVAO shines at SITS 2023 in London

Again, ALVAO marked its presence at the much-anticipated Service Desk Show in London – a gathering of ITSM professionals from around the world. Throughout the event, we had the pleasure of connecting with a diverse array of visitors.

Jana Mancikova


2 minutes of reading

What's the difference between ITAM and CMDB?

IT Service Management (ITSM) offers various terms that often lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Much like other fields and industries, emerging trends are sprouting like mushrooms after a rainstorm, accompanied by new terms and definitions that can be rather confusing.

Jana Mancikova


4 minutes of reading

How to choose the most suitable ITSM solution for your needs

Are you dissatisfied with your current solution wanting a change? Are you constantly firefighting in IT and is management finally giving you the green light to make changes? This article can serve as a guide to help you consider all fundamental aspects of choosing the right ITSM tool.

Jana Mancikova


5 minutes of reading

Challenges with Knowledge Management in ITSM

Organizations often struggle to manage and optimize Knowledge management. This article goes beyond definitions, going depper into the untamed hurdles companies face when integrating Knowledge Management (KM) into their IT Service Management (ITSM) processes. We'll explore common roadblocks like siloed...

Jana Mancikova


6 minutes of reading